5 Sigils

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Art of the 5 Sigils

The 5 Sigils (5つの紋章 itsutsu no monshō), known as Crests or Seals in earlier translations, are a set of symbols/markings that must be acquired in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line. By collecting all five, the heroes can summon Rubiss at the Rubiss Shrine and receive the charm of the goddess.


The Echo Flute can be used to find them.

Name Japanese name Location
Star Sigil 星の紋章 In the Lighthouse, guarded by four Gremlins
Moon Sigil 月の紋章 The Sigil is kept by the King of Dirkandor. It can be won by fighting for the King in the arena against a Striking sabrecat.
Sun Sigil 太陽の紋章 Found by searching a specific tile on the outskirts of the Fire Shrine
Water Sigil 水の紋章 Located in a prison cell in Moonahan. It can be found by searching the cell after defeating 2 grimlins. To get to the sigil, the heroes must have the Golden Key and the Jailor's Key.
Soul Sigil 命の紋章 In a treasure chest on floor B1 inside the Cave to Rendarak in versions of the game from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Game Boy Color release. The cell phone ports have the King of Tantegel giving it to the player upon visiting him.