Tower of the Moon

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The Tower of the Moon (Lune/Luna Tower) is a tower dungeon in Dragon Quest II. It is located directly south of Slewse in Torland. It is accessible only by Ship and only after using the Floodgate Key on the floodgates in Slewse.

The Moonshard which is necessary for entry into the Sea Cave is found here.


Moon Shard[edit]

To find your way to the Moon Shard, you must head to the staircase straight south from the entrance. On floor 2F, head north and take the staircase in the central room. Make your way up to floor 5F, and take the staircase locked behind two doors. From there, its a straight shot down to the first floor, where an old man waits with your prize.

Other treasures[edit]

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Nearby monsters[edit]


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