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Cannock is a kingdom and one of three kingdoms founded in Torland by the descendants of the Dragon Quest Hero and Princess Gwaelin.

Cannock is home to the Prince of Cannock, one of the main protagonists in Dragon Quest II, as well as the Princess of Cannock. The Prince of this castle joins forces with the Prince of Midenhall to combat the forces of the evil sorcerer Hargon after a humorous and length journey to actually find the youth.

Kingdom of Cannock

The Kingdom of Cannock includes Cannock, Leftwyne, and...

Cannock Castle

Cannock is typically the third location visited in Dragon Quest II. Hoping to find the Prince of Cannock, the Prince of Midenhall speaks with the king only to learn that the Prince has headed east to the Wellspring of the Hero. Cannock cannot be skipped as it is required to have the Prince of Cannock in the player's party before proceeding in the game. The Prince of Cannock cannot be located and acquired without first speaking with the king.


This shop is only in the remakes, and is actually a travelling merchant, he is in the grass across from the Inn.

Weapon & Armor Shop (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Copper sword 100 +10 Attack
Knife 200 +12 Attack
Sickle 330 +15 Attack
Leather shield 90 +4 Defense
Chain mail 390 +12 Defense

Item Shop (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Medical herb 15 Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote herb 8 Cures poison
Fairy water 40 Repels monsters
Wing of the Wyvern 80 Returns you to your last save location
Item Shop (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 10 Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote 8 Cures poison
Repellent 40 Repels monsters
Warp Wing 25 Returns you to your last save location


Price per person
8 Gold Coins

Other services

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Locked doors