Queen Frysabel

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Queen Frysabel
Dragon Quest XI
Queen Frysabel.jpg
Japanese name シャール王女
Romaji Shāru ōjo
Race Human
Family King Gustaf (father) (deceased)

Queen Frysabel is the character in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. She is the Queen of Sniflhelm, and the daughter of King Gustaf.


Queen Frysabel is a young woman with fair skin, long dark blonde hair worn in a twisted ponytail over her right breast, and large horizon blue eyes with pronounced eyelashes. She wears a simple gold crown on top of her head, as well as a pair of round-framed Harry Potter-style glasses, a white sleeveless dress with a goblet-shaped skirt, gold bracelets, an orange shawl with white fur lining and a white Sniflheim crest on the back, and flat slippers. When she is first encountered by the Luminary's party, she is seen wearing a black scarf.

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