Imperial Pantry of Parthenia

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The Imperial Pantry of Parthenia (Cave of the Padequia) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IV. It contains the Feverfew seed necessary to cure Kiryl of his sickness.

Alena and her temporary allies can be seen on the 1st basement floor until the medicine for Kiryl is obtained.

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  • The mercenaries from Castle Casabranca show up until the seeds are obtained. Though the leading warrior is present, his priest was replaced by a soldier, his dancer was replaced by a poet and the merchant was replaced by Alena.


  • In the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS Version, the first basement of the cave is blocked by a Thief's Key door. To open it, Borya has to be recruited. Doing so triggers a scene with Alena breaking the door down despite having the key in her possession (which is noted by her temporary allies). The NES Version of the game lacks this door in the cave (as such Borya doesn't have to be recruited until after retrieving the Feverfew root).


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