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A master of weapon-based combat, able to learn a variety of cutting-edge sword techniques --Description from Dragon Quest VII

The Warrior (戦士, Senshi), or Soldier in earlier localizations, is a character class in the Dragon Quest series. Warriors typically have high HP, Strength, and Resilience stats, but low Agility. They also have no magical capability whatsoever. They are typically capable of equipping the heaviest weapons and armour available. The image of them wearing the Femiscyran mail is probably their best-known look.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

NES version

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 17 432
MP 0 0
Strength 10 201
Agility 2 83
Resilience 8 234
Wisdom 2 64
Luck 3 73

Starting equipment[edit]

(NES Verison)[edit]

(GBC Version)[edit]

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Warrior is one of the basic classes available. It is one of the prerequisites for the Gladiator vocation (along with Martial Artist), and for the Armamentalist vocation (along with Mage).

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 150
Strength +10%
Agility -35%
Wisdom -30%
Max HP +10%
Max MP -60%
Trait N/A


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Ruffian N/A 1 -
2 Skirmisher Focus Strength 10 Self Focus the fighting spirit to strike with redoubled force on the next attack. 0
3 Swashbuckler N/A 20 -
4 Veteran Double-Edged Slash 35 One Enemy Deals heavy damage to an enemy, but also hurts the user. 0
5 Captain Mercurial Thrust 55 One Enemy Strikes an enemy before anyone else can act. 0
6 Expert Fencer Frenzy 85 Random target An indiscriminate attack against friend and foe alike. 0
7 Elite Blade Falcon Slash 115 One enemy A double slicing attack, faster than a falcon on the wing. 0
8 Sword Lord Hatchet Man 150 One enemy An unpredictable attack that can land a critical hit. 0

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

DQVII Warrior male.png
DQVII Warrior female.png

Warrior is once again one of the basic vocations available after the events at Alltrades Abbey. Mastering it is a prerequisite to unlock both the Gladiator and Armamentalist vocations.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 130 (PS1)
78 (3DS)
Strength +10 Percent
Agility -35%
Resilience Null
Wisdom -30%
Style Null
Max HP +10%
Max MP -60%

PS1 Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Beginner Nothing 0
2 Novice PsycheUp 10 Self User takes one turn. Next turn, physical attack does double damage 0
3 Soldier Nothing 20
4 Guardsman SquallHit 35 One Enemy User attacks first with 80 percent power 0
5 Veteran Nothing 55
6 Warmonger DrakSlash 75 One Enemy Does 50 Percent more damage to dragons. Regular damage to all other monsters 0
7 Elite Nothing 105
8 General EvilSlash 130 One Enemy Hits one enemy with a critical hit one out of three times. 0

3DS Abilities[edit]

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Ruffian Nothing 0
2 Skirmisher Focus Strength 5 Self Focuses spirit so as to strike with redoubled force on the next attack. 0
3 Soldier Nothing 5
4 Veteran Mercurial Thrust 8 One Enemy Strikes an enemy before anyone else can act. 0
5 Captain Rude Awakening 10 One Ally Shakes an ally awake or snaps them out of a state of confusion. 0
6 Expert Fencer Wing-Clipper 10 One Enemy Deals extra damage to flying foes. 0
7 Elite Blade Dragon Slash 15 One Enemy An attack that can pierce even dragon's scales. 0
8 Sword Lord Hatchet Man 25 One Enemy An all-or-nothing strike that can sometimes land a critical hit. 3

Hybrid Abilities[edit]

Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Bard War Song All Allies Raises the defense of all allies 0
Dancer SwordDanc All Enemies Attacks four random enemies with 75 percent power 0
Jester ConfuHit One Enemy May confuse the enemy it hit 0
Mariner BirdSlash One Enemy Causes 50 percent extra damage to flying enemies, regular damage to all others 0
Shepherd Mineuchi One Ally Cures one ally of sleep and confusion 0
Thief ThiefHit One Enemy Attacks the enemy and has a chance of stealing its item 0


After the events in Alltrades, the Warrior is a useful class to become because of the strength increase that it affords. Among the skills that the warrior learns, Hatchet Man is by far the most useful. Although it misses half the time, when it does connect, it is a critical hit, making short work of Metal Slimes. The Dragon Slash is also good for dragon bosses that the player encounters.

For hybrid skills, the two most useful ones are Sword Dance, which requires both a mature warrior and a mature Dancer, and Thief Hit, which requires a mature warrior and a mature Thief. Sword Dance attacks four times with 0.75 percent power, making useful for boss fights as it is like attack for 300 percent power. It is also the most cost effective skill in the game as it doesn't require any MP to use. Thief Hit is useful because it steals from enemies, making it a nice skill to have if the player is looking for a particular item. However, the chance of stealing is rather low.

Regarding evolution, the Warrior can combine the mastered Mage class and become an Armamentalist. The 'mentalist has access to some elemental slashes and the extremely powerful spell Kafrizzle. The Warrior can also combine the mastered Martial Artist class and become a Gladiator. The Gladiator has stronger attacks including Quad Hits. After the Gladiator class is mastered, the Gladiator can then become a Champion as long as the Paladin class is also mastered. The Champion has several powerful attacks culminating with Blade of Ultimate Power, a must for beating the final bosses in the game.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]


The Warrior Class is available at the start of the game and has the unique skillset 'Courage'. Warriors can also use skill points to learn Sword, Spear, Knife, and Shield skills. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Critical Claim," an attack that always lands a Critical Hit.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 26 570
MP 4 86
Strength 18 404
Agility 4 78
Resilience 18 400
Magical Might 0 0
Magical Mending 0 0
Deftness 5 111
Charm 4 89


Accolades Required points Name Effects
Courageous Kid 8 Whipping Boy Protects a selected user in battle from damage by taking it in their place.
Plucky Devil 16 Natural Strength +10 Increases attack by 10 pts.
Bold Soul 28 Whistle Draws enemy towards you outside of battle and provokes them in battle.
Brave Heart 40 Natural Resilience +20 Increases defence by 20 pts.
Intrepid Adventurer 48 Body Slam Hits a single enemy with a body slam causing recoil.
Stout-hearted Sort 56 Natural Strength +30 Increases attack by 30 pts.
Gallant Guy/Girl 70 Morale Masher Attacks the enemy lowering its tension
Valliant Combatant 80 Natural Resilience +40 Increases defence by 40 pts.
Valorous Vanquisher 90 Natural Max HP +60 Increases HP by 60 pts.
Peerlessly Fearless 100 Attack Attacker Attacks one enemy lowering its atk. power.

Revocation Award[edit]

Notable Warriors[edit]