Siren sword

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Siren sword
Siren sword snes.png
Japanese ゆうわくのけん
Old localizations Seduce sword
Sword of illusion
Found in Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Effect Fuddles foes

The Siren sword, also known as the sword of temptation in Japanese, is a recurring sword in the Dragon Quest series. It can confuse enemies in battle and is usually wielded only by women.


The sword has a beautiful curved pink blade, much like a scimitar or shamshir, and has a wavy design similar to a vine on its fuller. The crossguard is golden and is shaped like a crescent moon and is embellished with small blue gemstones while the handle is purple and has a pink heart-shaped gemstone on its pommel. In VII, the Siren sword's design stayed mostly the same, but with a few changes, as the lower half of the blade appeared to be grey metal rather than completely pink and the hilt no longer had the heart gem at the pommel.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The Seduce sword has an attack bonus of +50. If used as a tool in battle, it casts Fuddle. It can only be equipped by female Warriors, Thieves, Merchants, and Gadabouts. It's obtained from Sabrina in Portoga after Baramos is defeated, and can also be dropped by Flying flayers.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The Siren sword has an attack bonus of +70, and has a 14 confusion chance. It can be purchased at Lofty Peak for 9,800 gold, and can be wielded by the the hero, his wives, or daughter.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Milly and Ashlynn can equip the siren sword for +70 attack and +51 style. The sword retains the 14 fuddle chance, and can be purchased in Felonia for 9800 gold.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The siren sword has an attack bonus of +70 and a style bonus of +51. It can confuse the target when attacking 25% of the time and can only be equipped by Maribel and Aishe. It can be purchased from Vogograd, Buccanham, and the Grand Slum stage of the Immigrant Town for 9,800 gold and sold for 4,900 gold.


This baffling blade sometimes causes confusion in enemies.[1]


In its new translation, the sword is named after the Sirens of Greek mythology. Sirens were dangerous female creatures who would lure nearby sailors with their enchanted singing and music in order to shipwreck them on the rocky shores of their islands. Most famously, Sirens appeared in Homer's Odyssey, wherein the hero Odysseus asked his shipmates to tie him to the ship's mast in order to avoid being tempted by their singing. They have been depicted in a variety of different ways, including as bird-women similar to harpies or even been conflated with mermaids in other languages.



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