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Hammers are a recurring weapon type in the Dragon Quest series. In the early series, they tended to function as early and mid-game weapons, bowing out to swords as the player approached the final few areas in the games. Typically, the usage of hammers is restricted to characters who can equip heavier weapons, such as Warriors. However, they still found a place in many a player's inventory thanks to the Hela's hammer, one of the most useful tools for besting Metal Slimes.

With the debut of Level-5 as the series developer in Dragon Quest VIII, hammers have taken on a much more substantial role in the series, accumulating a varied and useful collection of unique skills.


Dragon Quest [edit]

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Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Hammers are referred to as Clubs in this game, and are one of the three weapon categories that former bandit Yangus can equip himself with. Clubs are primarily chosen for brute strength over attack options, with all available skills focusing on bludgeoning a single target for high damage or knocking them senseless for a turn. As with the other weapon families, investing skill points into hammers will improve the user's critical hit rate from 1/64 to 1/32 when equipped.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Gladiators and Paladins can equip hammers right out of the inn, and any character that invests 100 points into the skill line may use them as well.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

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