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Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
DQV DS Sancho.png
Sprite(s) Sancho.gif
Japanese name サンチョ
Romaji Sancho
Title Servant
Race Human
Voice actor Kōzō Shioya (CD Theater)
Kendo Kobayashi (Your Story, Japanese)
Shaun Conde (Your Story, English)

Sancho is the servant of Pankraz, and later, The Hero in Dragon Quest V. He acts as a major supporting character in the first two generations of the game before becoming fully playable at the beginning for the third.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Sancho is a stout man of average height, with curly brown hair and a pencil mustache that matches his eyebrows. He wears an orange tunic over a dull green undershirt and pants, capped by a blue collar. His boots are plain black leather, and his hands are protected by bright yellow gloves. Sancho's most distinct article is the enormous backpack he totes around at all times; the rucksack is so massive that it requires wooden plank reinforcement to support itself.

A man utterly dedicated to aiding his friends, Sancho is humble and steadfast even in the worst of times. Ever one to take precautions, he insists on bringing supplies for every outing, hence the backpack. Sancho's reliability has made him a man of many talents, acting as a cook, babysitter, confidant, and warrior when called upon. Though his calm and reassuring demeanor make him look unassuming at first glance, Sancho is a man of intense passions: his dedication to Pankraz and The Hero drive him to search the ends of the world for their whereabouts in the second generation, as well as take up arms again in the third generation despite his advancing age. these same passions force him to hold intense grudges and bitter resentments as well, such as finding himself unable to bear being in Coburg in the third generation.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Sancho is a longtime friend of Pankraz. He is first encountered in Whealbrook, where he taking care of Pankraz's home. Later in generation 2, The Hero and Prince Harry discover that Whealbrook was razed and Sancho has since left. He is not seen again until the Hero and his wife arrive at Gotha, where he introduces them to King Prince Albert. Shortly after the Hero is crowned and his wife gives birth to twins, the two end up missing after she is abducted.

In the eight years that followed, Sancho and the twin children, Parry and Madchen, scoured the globe in search of the missing king and queen. They eventually located the petrified form of The Hero, and were able to restore him. As The Hero and his children soon set out to find their mother, Sancho offered to accompany them in their journeys.

Base stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 20 99
HP 214 570
MP 25 220
Strength 74 255
Agility 35 120
Resilience 20 120
Wisdom 31 210
Luck 21 255
Initial gear Sledgehammer, Pot lid, Boxer shorts, Top hat


Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Kabuff 20
Snooze 20
Storeyteller 20
Whistle 24
Drain Magic 25
Whack 28
Padfoot 29
Kamikazee 30
Nose for Treasure 31
Fuddle 32


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Sancho appears in every version of the game, alongside the Hero's children. In the 16-bit version he accompanies the twins in the Reaper's Peak house that contains the entrance to the bonus dungeon, and in the Nintendo DS remake onwards he appears in the version of the town based on the far distant future of Dragon Quest V where he is shown accompanying Pankraz.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Hero encounters Sancho when travelling to Whealbrook through the Echo Chamber, where the man is suffering a terrible cold along with the rest of the village.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Artwork depicting Sancho appears on several cards, and he can be set as the player's avatar.

Dragon Quest: Your Story[edit]

Sancho's role is smaller in the film. He tells Luca some important information about Pankraz's search for the Template:Zenithian Sword when Luca returns safely to Whealbrook. He is also acknowledged to be a good cook in this adaptation.

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Bianca entrusts her and Luca's son to Sancho when the Order of Zugzwang attacks. As in the original game, Sancho takes care of the young boy (called Alus in this adaptation) until Luca is restored.


  • Because of his name and appearance, as well as his Castilian Spanish accent in the English localization, it is very likely that Sancho was based on Sancho Panza from Miguel de Cervantes' novel Don Quixote.
  • Sancho's design resembles that of Dr. Senebi, from Akira Toriyama's manga Dr. Slump.
  • According to Madchen, neither Sancho nor Parry has any sense of direction.