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Japanese らいじんのヤリ
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Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest V
Effect Lightning damage when used in battle

The Ionospear is a weapon in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.


It has an attack bonus of +85, and calls down lightning for 35~45 zap damage if used as a tool in battle. It may be equipped by Sancho, the Archdemon, Battle pips, Brownies, Conkerers, Gigantes, Hoodlums, Orc kings, Rockbombs, and Walking corpses and is sold in Whealbrook during the third generation.


The name is a pun on the Ionosphere, the section of Earth's atmosphere approximately 620 miles above ground. Extremely concentrate ultra violet rays stimulate the molecules at this layer, generating a dense field of electrons.

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