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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest V
DQV Dwight.png
Title Son of a Dwarf
Race Dwarf

Dwight is a delinquent Dwarf and a boss in Dragon Quest V. He steals the magical flute, the Herald of Spring, on behalf of the Winter Queen. After defeating both of them, Dwight accepts defeat and returns home to his father, while the Hero returns the Herald to Treacle.


The little runt suffers a prolonged cold and speaks through sniffles and sneezes. He has a large chip on his shoulder and disrespects authority, hence his being easily swayed by the evil queen. His appearance is a homage to an infamous bandit of old.

Boss battle[edit]

Dwight DQV SFC.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
160 6 105 50
Attack Defense Speed
42 40 28
Dropped Item Magic water
Locations Winter Palace
Spells Drain Magic
Game Dragon Quest V
Console SFC,DS, Mobile Phones


Dwight can optionally be recruited after returning to Faerie Lae in the third generation beginning with the PS2 remake onwards. Ironically, he has excellent resistance to ice.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 8 511
MP 2 300
Strength 8 200
Agility 3 255
Resilience 5 180
Wisdom 20 150
Luck 3 50
Flame breath 1
Ice breath 1/3
Frizz 1
Sizz 1
Bang 1
Woosh 1
Crack 1/3
Zap 1


Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Heal 1
Nose for Treasure 10
Midheal 15
Drain Magic 25
Frenzy 35
Zing 40
Oomph 45

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