Debora Briscoletti

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Dragon Quest series character
Debora Briscoletti
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
DQV Debora Biscoletti.png
Sprite Debora-spriteDS.png
Japanese Name デボラ
Rōmaji Debora
Title Wife
Race Human
Warning: Spoilers
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descended from Zenithians

Debora Briscoletti is a playable character exclusively in the DS version of Dragon Quest V. She is the elder sister of Nera Briscoletti, and one of Rodrigo Briscoletti's two daughters.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Debora prefers expensive clothes and spends considerable time on her makeup. Her jet black hair, revealing attire and piercing eyes give Debora a somewhat intimidating form.

Because she was given whatever she asked for as a child, Debora has a very impatient and bossy personality that rubs most people the wrong way, even her own father. She initially considers the hero more of a servant than a husband, but gradually softens her demeanor after she joins Him on the search for his mother. ("So I can keep my eye on you.") As a mother, Debora first appears very strict toward her children, though her love for them is clearly displayed in cut-scenes.


Warning: Spoilers
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Debora is first seen in the prologue as Pankraz and his son are disembarking in Littlehaven. She runs off to the ship cabin before her father can introduce her. She is not seen again until the second generation, when the Hero arrives in Mostroferrato in search of the Zenithian shield. Though she initially stand-offish in manner, when it comes time for him to decide between marrying Bianca or Nera, Debora descends down the stairs and suddenly offers herself as a third bachelorette - to see if he is man enough to take her hand in marriage. If the player chooses Debora, the two marry and she will continue to travel with you as the hero's wife.

Upon reaching the hero's homeland, the kingdom of Gotha, it is revealed that Debora is pregnant and she will stay in the castle to rest until it is time. After he returns from the Riteof Passage, she gives birth to twins: a boy and a girl. The hero is coronated as the new King of Gotha - but after a night of celebrations, Debora is abducted by monsters while most of the castle inhabitants were passed out. While attempting to rescue her from Kon the Knight at his tower, it is learned that she has the blood of the legendary hero - and for this reason she and her husband are turned to stone by Bishop Ladja.

In the eight years that pass, Debora's petrified form ended up at the temple of Crocodilopolis. The hero and the children are able to finally free her, who rejoins the party. Together, they travel to Nadiria to find the hero's mother, Madeline, and defeat the Grandmaster of the Underworld.


Debora is more of a physical fighter than Bianca or Nera. She has the most limited spell selection, but can equip several of the more powerful swords as well as Hela's hammer. There are a few pieces of equipment unique to her, such as the diamond akillics and floral parasol. Due to her high agility attribute and the aformentioned acrylics, Debora is adept at slaying metal monsters.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 10 99
HP 102 530
MP 35 450
Strength 32 220
Resilience 52 190
Agility 41 255
Wisdom 30 230
Luck 53 255
Initial gear Akillics, Silk dress, Silver tiara


Dragon Quest V (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Dazzle 1
Snooze 1
Kasap 1
Oomph 15
Sizzle 17
Safe Passage 18
Whack 19
Bounce 20
Fuddle 22
Thwack 25
Kasizzle 29


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Poison Needle Attack +1
Thorn Whip Attack +18
Iron Claw Attack +19
Sledgehammer Attack +30
Falcon Knife Earrings Attack +35
Staff of Divine Wrath Attack+35
Steel Broadsword Attack +33
Morning Star Attack+38
Akillics Attack+40
Fire Claw Attack+53
Diamond Akillics Attack+55
War Hammer Attack+60
Spiked Steel Whip Attack +65
Dream Blade Attack +65
Falcon Blade Attack +67
Siren Sword Attack +70
Hela Hammer Attack +70
Faerie Foil Attack +85
Cobra Claw Attack +90
Miracle Sword Attack +100
Gringham Whip Attack +100
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Hairband Defense +7
Silver Tiara Defense +14
Wedding Veil Defense +30
Golden Tiara Defense +45
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain Clothes Defense+4
Handwoven Cape Defense+6
Silk Apron Defense+10
Silk Robe Defense+13
Leather Dress Defense+17
Dancer's Costume Defense+20
Robust Lingerie Defense+23
Silk Dress Attack +30
Robe of Serenity Defense+33
Lacy Bustier Defense+36
Shimmering Dress Defense+45
Flowing Dress Defense+55
Silk Bustier Defense+60
Angel Leotard Defense+70
Princess's Robe Defense+80
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Floral Parasol Defense+8
Dragon Quest V (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Crude Image Luck+15
Meteorite Bracer Agilityx2
Kamikaze Bracer Style+10
Elfin Charm
Circle of Water
Circle of Fire

Appearances in Other Games[edit]

Debora has made an appearance in the Quester's Rest in the game Dragon Quest IX. She gives the player Debora's Dress.


  • Her wedding ceremony is the same as her sister's would be (except it uses fireworks for her entrance instead of colorful confetti like Nera's), though the hero is forced to sleep on the floor during their honeymoon. Because the story is not significantly different for any of the brides, the only truly new experience marrying Debora brings is her unique party talk and more aggressive battle style.
  • If the player did not marry Debora, and later visits her with his children in Generation Three, they will mention how "scary" she is in party talk. She remains curt as ever.
  • In her room, there is a "Bruise the Ooze" game machine that the player can use.

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