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Nautica is the home to the Mermaids in Dragon Quest XI, and it is ruled over by the clairvoyant Queen Marina.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The party first arrives here after getting Lorelei's Harp. They meet Queen Marina, who thanks them for helping Michelle by giving them the Green Orb. The second half of the story begins in Nautica. Queen Marina reveals that she protected the Hero from Mordegon's forces by disguising him as a fish. She heals the Hero and tells him to go find his friends in order to stop Mordegon.


The following items are available for purchase in the fist half of the story.

Items: Coral hairpin (950 gold), Strong medicine (36 gold), Strong antidote (45 gold), Softwort (95 gold), Panacea (240 gold), Chimera wing (25 gold).