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"Our Hero's adoptive mother, and Chalky's adoring daughter. After her dad died, she raised the little Luminary all on her own, and she crows contentedly over his every achievement. Her skin is something of a mystery among the villagers, being as smooth and soft as silk despite her countless hours in the kitchen. "

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Dragon Quest XI
Amber artwork.png
Japanese name ペルラ
Romaji Perla
Race Human
Family Chalky (father)
Luminary (adopted son)
Voice actor Jessica Carroll (English)
Mami Koyama (Japanese, XI S)

Amber (ペルラ, Perla) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. She is the adoptive mother of the Luminary.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Amber is a plump woman with blue eyes, most of her brown hair worn underneath a white cap and a red hairband. She wears a saffron-colored dress with an apron over a myrtle smock and brown leather shoes. She is a kind woman and is very supportive of her son, even though she knows that he has a grand destiny ahead of him as the reincarnation of the Luminary.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Amber and the villagers seeing the Luminary off as he sets off on his journey.

In the game's backstory, Amber raised the infant Luminary after her father Chalky found the boy in bundles while out fishing outside of the village of Cobblestone. She sees off her son and Gemma as they are getting ready to make the traditional coming-of-age climb to Cobblestone Tor on their birthday.

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