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"Well then, shall we get going? Come on! Follow me! And don't slouch, or I'll make you hold my hand all the way to the castle!"

—Walking her child to Castle Aliahan

Hero's mother
Dragon Quest III
V-Jump Hero's Mother 3.jpg
Japanese name 勇者のお母さん
Romaji Yuusha no okaa-san
Race Human
Age 30's
Family Ortega (husband)
Hero (child)

The Hero's unnamed mother is an important side character in the third game, having raised her child to be a courageous young man/woman in the absence of her husband, Ortega.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The mother of the Hero does not have official artwork drawn by Akira Toriyama, but her cameo in the eleventh game's ending gives her a fully rendered and distinct polygon model based on the V-jump magazine illustration seen above. She wears a blue dress with a long-sleeved under blouse and a plain white apron, with her purple hair being tied up in a ponytail cast over her left should. Her face is obscured from the player beyond one brief glimpse, and she has blue eyes.

As a young girl, she fell deeply in love with Ortega and cherished their time together. She feared he would not return from his mission to slay the archfiend Baramos, and shows great emotional and mental strength by proposing that her child will succeed in their father's task when news of his disappearance reaches Aliahan. She resolves to raise their child on her own (with the help of her father-in-law) rather than remarry in light of Ortega's supposed death at the Great Pit of Giaga, holding out hope that her husband is still alive somewhere in the world and will return to her one day.

The woman is a very doting mother who is mindful of her child's well-being, insisting that he/she get as much rest as they can while visiting. She carries a perpetually cheery attitude, well-loved by the people of the kingdom as a spot of sunshine where ever she goes. Deep down, however, she harbors strong insecurities about her child venturing forth to save the world and, if the Hero's party speaks to her while the protagonist is dead, she will begin to panic and beg the group to save her little boy/girl.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Hero's mother begins the game by awakening their child and escorting them to the castle of Aliahan, saying that this is the big day she's raised them for. She wishes them well on their journey and will always insist that he or she spend the night when visiting. When Baramos is killed, she is overcome with pride to the point that she worries she may burst, and the Hero is no longer able to rest over night at home. Due to the king's intent to keep Zoma's declaration of war a secret from the citizenry, she is unaware of the devil's existence.

In the 16-bit remake and subsequent ports of the game, the player has the option to revive Ortega by defeating the dragon goddess Xenlon and being granted a wish. Ortega will appear in the Hero's home the next time they visit, with their mother on cloud nine that her husband has returned safe and sound after so many years. She weeps with joy, and introduces Ortega to their now grown child.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

She appears twice in the eleventh game, both instances being cameos. In all versions of the game she appears in the HD reenactment of the opening to the third game, with the one alteration being that she is shown reading a book detailing the adventures of the Luminary before waking her own hero. Whether this book is a history book or a story book is unknown, owing to the ambiguous connection between the game and the Erdrick trilogy.

The second cameo is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Switch versions of the game, and can be accessed through the Echo Chamber. Here, the Luminary is transported to the time before the marriage of the young lady and Ortega, appearing in their future home. A monster has altered the minds of the townsfolk of Aliahan, convincing them that the marriage will be a terrible thing and that they should put a stop to it at all costs, with his intent to prevent the legendary hero from being born. The bride to be and her eventual father in law are dumbstruck at the sudden change in character of their neighbors, and ask the Luminary for help. One quick trouncing later, and the monster's attempt to alter history is ended.


  • The mother of the hero fittingly shares her voice actress with Amber.

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