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Aliahan is a kingdom and a castle town found in Enix's Dragon Quest III. Located on a small continent in the southern ocean, it is said that Aliahan once ruled over the whole world, but the travel door to other parts of the land was sealed off until the hero Erdrick broke the seal with the Wrecking Ball. Aliahan was home to the great hero Ortega, as well as the famous Erdrick of Alefgard. Aliahan is the starting place of Dragon Quest III and is also notable for being the location of Patty's Party Planning Place.


The King of Aliahan

Although most locations in the world of Dragon Quest III mimic real world locations, the continent of Aliahan does not. This seems to support the supposition that the Hero hails from a distant and mysterious place rather than one based on a real world location. It could also be intended to be a reference to Atlantis, a lost continent mentioned by Plato.


NES version

(Magic Key required for access.)


Thief Key's required

Magic Key required

Ultimate Key required

Castle Town of Aliahan

Hero's House

The hero's house is located in Aliahan. This is where the player begins the game.

Shops & Service

The hero can stay for free at his/her house until the defeat of Baramos.

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medical herb 8
Antidote herb 10
Wing of wyvern 25
Pot lid (GBC Version) 50 Defense +2
Weapon & Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Cypress stick 5 Attack +2
Club 30 Attack +7
Copper sword 100 Attack +12
Clothes 10 Defense +4
Wayfarer's clothes 70 Defense +8
Leather armour 150 Defense +12
Leather shield 90 Defense +4
Price per person
2 Gold Coins

Miscellaneous Services

Patty's Party Planning Place

Patty's Party Planning Place is a tavern located in Aliahan. It is a unique location that consists of both a hall of registration, where new party members can be created and named, and a draft counter where party members can be added or removed. This is where the player receives new companions throughout the game. However, as added party members are controlled completely by the player, these characters do not take part in the storyline in any way.

Patty's Party Planning Place is also the location where a party member can be found after being a victim of a Limbo spell.

Medal King

In the remakes of Dragon Quest III, the medal king lives in the bottom of the well in Aliahan. He accepts mini medals in exchange for various item prizes.


In Dragon Warrior III for NES, the party could store items here for a small fee upon retrieval. Gold could also be stored in 1,000 piece increments.

In the Gameboy Color version, the vault became only a gold bank, since the item storage was no longer necessary with the addition of the bag.

Kingdom of Aliahan

The Kingdom of Aliahan is composed of the castle town of Aliahan and the village of Reeve.


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