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The Dreamer's Tower is a tower dungeon in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is located west of Aliahan. After getting the Thief's Key, you can enter the prison of Aliahan from the basement of the tower.


Although not accessible by land, the tower has 3 separate underground entrances which converge to the first floor entrance. The 3 entrances are from Aliahan castle (Thief's Key required), the Shrine South of Reeve, and the Promontory Passage.


Price per person
2 Gold Coins

Thief's Key[edit]

The Thief's Key is held by a man on the top floor of the tower. Upon talking to him, he gives it to The Hero.

Other treasures[edit]

All versions[edit]

Thief's Key required[edit]

NES version[edit]


Thief's Key required[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]


Outside the tower[edit]



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Locked doors[edit]

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