Queen of Faeries

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Queen of Faeries
Dragon Quest III
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Japanese name エルフの女王
Romaji erufu no joō (Queen of Elves)
Race Faerie

The Queen of Faeries is a minor NPC in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, and a central figure in the Dreamstone sidequest.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Queen rules over her people in the Super Secret Faerie Village, seated on a raised throne surrounded by tree stumps. When first spoken to by the Hero, she speaks with a very dismissive, childish syntax. The Queen is under the false assumption that a human man had kidnapped her daughter, Aniseed, and hidden the faerie's treasured dreamstone in the Underground Lake near their forest.

Infuriated by these affronts, the Queen placed an eternal slumber curse upon the village of Norvik as revenge. The man's father was outside the village when this took place, and has spent years pleading with the bitter woman to reconsider as the people of the village had nothing to do with the young couple's elopement.

When the Hero descends to the nadir of the underground lake and opens the treasure chest housing the dreamstone, they also found a letter written by Aniseed. The letter is a suicide note, explaining that Aniseed is deeply in love with the man from Norvik and that they decided if the laws of their races will prevent them from being together in this world, then they will be inseparable in the next. The lovers drowned themselves in the eponymous lake, and the Hero relates the truth to the Queen.

The Queen refuses to listen until the letter is presented to her, and she recognizes her daughter's handwriting. She is mortified that her own hatred of humanity would drive her little girl to such extremes, and hands the party the Wakey Dust necessary to undue her curse on Norvik. Much later in the game, after the death of Baramos, the Queen will have changed her ways and is thankful to the Hero for showing her the truth of the matter. She then politely asks that the group leaves her village, lest another tragedy take place again.