King of the Necrogond

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King of the Necrogond
Dragon Quest III
Japanese name ネクロゴンド王
Romaji Ōshō no Necurogondo
Title King
Race Human

The King of the Necrogond is a posthumus character whose corpse appears in Dragon Quest III.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The King ruled over The Necrogond several years before the events of the game. His people were revered for their kindness and bravery, and lived near the dreaded Great Pit of Giaga as the first line of defense if any monsters were to crawl out of the pit. It is unknown how Baramos and his forces invaded the land, but he killed every last person within the walls and left the King's skeleton on his throne. The bones do nothing when interacted with by the player, and it was left up to their imagination as to who this man was.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The King of Aliahan, King of Romaria, King of Portoga, King of Edina, and King of Manoza venture to the Necrogond some time after the events of the third game to pay respect to their fallen peer and his subjects. Instead of giving a moment of solemn silence, the monarchs are horrified to learn that Baramos' surviving minion are attempting to revive him and have reanimated the bodies of the dead, including the King.

The King hears voices rattling in his skull that attempt to seduce him into aiding the revival, but the plight of his people rings far louder and he is able to resist. He explains to the Luminary that the monster know as the Necrogondolier is responsible for their continued agony, and only his death will allow them to rest in peace. When the King is spoken to again after the monsters' death, the Luminary hears a quiet and distant voice thanking him.