Gaia's Navel

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Gaia's Navel is a dungeon in Dragon Quest III.

Its entrance is directly connected to the nearby village of Lanson. The dungeon is more of a test of courage than a typical den of monsters, where a character must venture forth all on their own to retrieve the Blue Orb.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Ultimate Key is required to enter the dungeon's outer shrine, where a priest will state that only one person may undertake the trial. Whomever is lined up as the party's leader will be given the choice to enter the dungeon on their own, with the other characters rooting for them--the only instance of the player-made characters speaking in the entire game.

The monsters within Gaia's Navel are not particularly strong, but the danger comes from the war of attrition the character will experience. Mages, Warriors, and Martial Artists cannot heal themselves unless they stockpile Medicinal herbs and even then these can only be used effectively outside of battle. Priests and Sages can heal themselves in battle, but their natural frailty and poor armour selection at this point in the game makes it a risky endeavor--the Hero is the best option as long as the player conserves their MP for healing in battle.




NES version[edit]

Ho, ho, ho!
I must acknowledge
your strength of
However, rashness by
itself cannot be said
to be courage.
It is also necessary
to have the ability
to listen to others.

GBC version[edit]

Your willpower
is to be commended...
But defiance alone
is not courage.
You need courage
to list to what
others have to say
at times.

Cell phone version[edit]

Heh heh heh! Crikey, you're a stubborn one!
Talk about determined!
But bein' a hero's not just about bargin'
blindly on like a bunicorn with an itchy horn,
ya know.
Sometimes ya gotta be brave enough to trust
in what other people tell ya.