Bottomless Pot

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Bottomless pot
Japanese かわきのつば
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Old localizations Vase of Drought, Dry Vase
Found in Dragon Quest III
Effect Varies

The Bottomless pot is a key item in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation and Dragon Quest Builders 2.

It is necessary in order to retrieve the Ultimate Key in the former, and is a handy agricultural tool in the latter.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The pot originates from the village of Persistence, whose residents say it was stolen from the village by men from Edina. The king of Edina says that it was his grandfather who hid the pot in the castle, meaning it was stolen a long time before the events of Dragon Quest III. The pot is hidden in a puzzle chamber in the castle basement. In order to retrieve it, the Hero and party must push three boulders onto a specific section of the floor. The difficulty is that the boulders can be pushed into unmovable positions or into water. Exiting and re-entering the chamber resets the boulder positions.

The Bottomless pot is to be used in the sea northwest of Persistence to raise the Shallows Shrine. This is hinted by the talking horse in the village. Its usage is very similar to using the Moonshard to open the Sea Cave in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line.

Although the island closes after exiting the shrine directly, the pot can be used over and over to raise the shrine again. The island will not sink, however, if Zoom is used to leave it.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

The Bottomless pot is acquired in Furrowfield, and is used to alter the depth of bodies of water by draining or filling the area. The pot can hold an infinite amount of water, allowing players to empty a lake entirely or to fill in a new one—the water never runs out once swallowed. Once upgraded -via completing tablet targets-, any liquid substance can be gulped down as well, from putrid swamps to hot springs. There is one limitation: only one liquid type can be held at a time.

The upgraded Bottomless pot has two modes: full and shallow modes. With the former, a whole block is filled with water, while in shallow mode only about 1/3 of the block's height is. The shallow mode is intended for, among other things, modifying the shores.

It can also be used to get milk from cows and defeat monsters such as Hell niños and Dancing flames instantly.


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