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Path of Promise (Tempt Cave or Cave of Enticement) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest III. It connects the continent of Aliahan to the Shrine of Promise[1] which is south of Romaria.

Magic Bomb[edit]

In order to proceed beyond the first room of the cave, the heroes must use the Wrecking ball on the blocking wall. By doing so, the wall is destroyed and the heroes may continue into the cave.

Adventurer's Map[edit]

In the remakes, the Magic Map is located in a treasure chest just beyond the blocking wall.

Other treasures[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]

Forest entrance[edit]

Shrine of Promise[edit]



In the NES Version, it's possible to travel to a majority of locations on the overworld after defeating Baramos, before talking to the King of Aliahan, by going through the cave and taking the teleportal leading to Romaria.

In the remake, the teleportal is blocked off by the old man from earlier in the cave, preventing any further progress until the player has an audience with the king.


Locked door[edit]


  1. Name given when Storeyteller is used in the Cell phone version
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