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Theddon is a town found in Enix's Dragon Quest III, located in what equates to the center of the real world Africa. By being the closest to Baramos' lair, it was the site of the fiend's first assault upon the world. During the day, Theddon is destroyed and deserted; but at night the former inhabitants return, unaware of their own passing...

Nearby enemies[edit]


Shop and services[edit]

Weapon and Armor Shop (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Somatic staff 2,500 +25
Sledgehammer 6,500 +55
Zombiesbane 9,800 +65
Angel robe 4,400 +30
Bronze shield 180 +7
Iron mask 3,500 +25
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31 gold per person
Weapon and Armor Shop (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Morning star 1,700
Spiked steel whip 3,100 +40
Sizable shears 4,700 47
Magical skirt 1,500 +25
Angel robe 4,400 +30
Magic armour 5,800 +40
Pointy hat 2,300 +21
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1 gold per person


DQ III NES Tendanki.png


In the remake, the town music is a much more grimmer one during the day, rather than the basic one.