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Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest III
DQ III Android Magog And Mother.jpg
Old localization Wynn DQ (NES)
Yukinov I & II (GBC) and III (NES and GBC)
Race Human
Family Grandson DQ
(Father and Mother) III

Magog (Originally Wynn and Yukinov) was a resident of the desert town Damdara in the Dragon Quest series.

He was mentioned but unseen in both Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation during the Erdrick trilogy until the remakes of III.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Magog ran Damdara's weapon shop prior to the town being destroyed by the Dragonlord. At some point he ended up in possession of Erdrick's Armour which he kept hidden behind a tree in the shop which later was blocked by a Knight aberrant.

His grandson in Cantlin relayed the information to Erdrick's descendant.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Upon the Hero and party's arrival, the owner of the second weapon shop closed down to think of a name for his wife's yet to be born child.

Upon the party's defeat of Zoma, the father to be decided on the name, Magog. The boy is born by then.


The character was originally named Wynn as shown when speaking to an NPC in Cantlin on the NES version of DQ. Despite being released on the same console by Enix, the name given at the end of III was Yukinov. The Game Boy Color ports of I & II, as well as III kept the name as Yukinov.

Magog was the name chosen then for the Cell phone port of DQ and III.