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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest III


Sprite Dq3hero-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese Name ロト
Rōmaji Roto
Title Erdrick
Race Human
Age 16
Family Ortega (father)
Warning: Spoilers
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Hero (Dragon Quest) (descendant)
Prince of Midenhall (descendant)
Prince of Cannock (descendant)
Princess of Moonbrooke (descendant)
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa (CD Theater)

Erdrick is a recurring legendary hero from the Dragon Quest series, and specifically the playable character of Dragon Quest III. The first three Dragon Quest games are called the "Erdrick Trilogy", as each relate to the character of Erdrick in some way. Although they do not appear in Dragon Quest or Dragon Quest II, Erdrick is mentioned heavily in the game dialog and many items bear their name.

Erdrick is referenced in many of the later main Dragon Quest games, as well as some spin-offs. The character of Erdrick is often representative of the early Dragon Quest games.


In III the hero, who may be either male or female, departs from their home Aliahan on their sixteenth birthday in order to follow in the footsteps of their brave father Ortega to defeat the archfiend Baramos. After defeating Baramos, the hero returns victorious to Aliahan only to be confronted by a new nemesis, Zoma. Taking up a new quest to defeat Zoma, the hero travels through the Great Pit of Giaga to Alefgard, which is sealed in darkness.


Although Erdrick can be either male or female, their appearances are practically identical. They are of average height and build, and they have incredibly spiky dark brown hair. The female Erdrick is slightly shorter than her male counterpart, her hair sticks up less, and she wears a pair of green earrings. Around their forehead is a silver circlet inlaid with a green gem. They wear a long blue tunic over a yellow long-sleeved shirt and pants, a pair of knee-length leather boots, leather gloves, and a long purple cloak around their necks. They wear a brown leather belt around their waist, and a scabbard strapped to their back. The hero wields a simple sword and a grey heater shield with an insignia of a dragon's head and two crossed swords on the front. The hero's outfit is slightly different in the Famicom illustrations, having a gold circlet with a blue gem around their forehead, and a dark blue cloak around their neck. He is seen carrying a cutlass and a round version of Erdrick's shield. There was also no illustrations of the female Erdrick until the Super Famicom remake. In certain illustrations, the female Erdrick's outfit is more feminized, making her blue tunic a strapless miniskirt, and giving her knee-length yellow stockings instead of pants, as well as elbow length yellow sleeves.

Origins of Title[edit]

At the end of Dragon Quest III the King of Alefgard bestows upon the hero the Order of Erdrick, the country’s highest honor reserved only for true heroes. This implies Erdrick is a title rather than the hero's actual name. The hero is referred to by this title in all references outside of Dragon Quest III.

Attempting to name the hero "Erdrick" in Dragon Quest III for the NES will generate a message requesting the player to enter their real name; however, if a space is added at the end, the warning message will not be displayed and the game may be played with the hero being named "Erdrick ".

In the manga series, Dragon Quest: The Emblem of Roto, as well as the novelization and the CD theater drama, the hero's real name is Arel (アレル). This adds to the implication that Erdrick/Roto is a title.


In Dragon Quest, Erdrick was the ancestor of the Hero. The hero follows in the footsteps of Erdrick to ultimately reach Charlock Castle and confront the Dragonlord.

In Dragon Quest II, the heroes are descendants of Erdrick, and also of the hero from Dragon Quest.

In Dragon Quest III, the origins of the hero Erdrick are revealed; therefore, the chronological order of the first three games is III, I, II.

Originally known as Erdrick to many North Americans, the hero is also known by two other names: Roto and Loto. In the original Japanese version games (i.e. Dragon Quest), Erdrick is known exclusively by the name Roto, which is also used by some import gamers. Another romanization of the name is Loto, which was used in place of Erdrick when Enix America, Inc. re-released Dragon Quest I, II, and III on the Game Boy Color. This was most likely used because the Japanese language does not distinguish between R and L.

When Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was released in North America and Europe, the name Erdrick was once again used to refer to the legendary hero of Dragon Quest III, effectively returning to the original English localization from the NES era.

Base Stats[edit]

NES Version

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 15 446
MP 6 218
Strength 8 181
Agility 6 156
Resilience 7 244
Wisdom 6 126
Luck 5 157
Initial gear Cypress stick, Plain clothes

In all remakes of the game, the hero's attribute growth is determined by their Personality. At the start of the game, the hero is asked a series of questions by a mysterious voice in the sky, culminating in a short scene in order to see just what type of person the hero is. There are 32 different personalities that can be assigned at the beginning, but it is possible to change it with the help of various books or accessories that can be found. The hero is a true jack-of-all-trades in any case, being able to fulfill a variety of different roles in combat, such as being a powerful physical attacker or dedicated healer. The hero is not able to change classes like other characters in the game. In the original NES version of the game, the hero must always be in the party until completing the game. In the remakes, this condition is removed after defeating Zoma.


The hero has access to a very wide range of both weapons, ranging from swords, spears, axes, as well as whips and boomerangs in the remakes. They are capable of being outfitted with the heaviest armour, shields, and helmets available. Erdrick is also the only character capable of using the legendary equipment, which will prove useful when fighting against Zoma. In the remake versions, the hero begins his journey equipped with a copper sword and wayfarer's clothes.

  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest III (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Cypress Stick Attack +2
Falcon Blade Attack +5
Oaken Club Attack +7
Copper Sword Attack +12
Divine Dagger Attack +14
Chain Sickle Attack +16
Thorn Whip Attack +18
Boomerang Attack +19
Edged Boomerang Attack +24
Iron Lance Attack +26
Steel Broadsword Attack +33
Iron Axe Attack +38
Spiked Steel Whip Attack +40
Flametang Boomerang Attack +42
Siren Sword Attack +50
Mountaincleaver Attack +51
Dragontail Whip Attack +54
Orochi's Sword Attack +65
Zombiesbane Attack +67
Dragonsbane Attack +79
Thunderbolt Blade Attack +82
Blizzard Blade Attack +90
Stormlord's Sword Attack +95
Bastard Sword Attack +105
Gringham Whip Attack +105
Sword of Ruin Attack +107
Double-Edged Sword Attack +115
Sword of Kings Attack +120
Destructiball Attack +135
Dragon Quest III (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Leather Hat Defense +2
Hardwood Headwear Defense +6
King's Crown Defense +6
Fur Hood Defense +10
Iron Helmet Defense +16
Silver Tiara Defense +20
Iron Mask Defense +25
Ortega's Helm Defense +30
Hapless Helm Defense +35
Mythril Helm Defense +38
Great Helm Defense +45
Mask of Implacability Defense +255
Dragon Quest III (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Scandalous Swimsuit Defense+1
Plain Clothes Defense+4
Wayfarer's Clothes Defense+8
Leather Armour Defense+12
Leather Dress Defense+15
Shell Armour Defense+16
Chain Mail Defense+20
Silk Robe Defense+20
Cloak of Evasion Defense+23
Leather Kilt Defense+24
Iron Armour Defense+25
Magical Skirt Defense+25
Glombolero Defense+30
Full Plate Armour Defense+32
Cat Suit Defense+35
Magic Armour Defense+40
Dragon Mail Defense+45
Earthenwear Defense+50
Spiked Armour Defense+55
Magic Bikini Defense+65
Hate Mail Defense+65
Auroral Armour Defense+82
Blessed Bikini Defense+88
Shimmering Dress Defense+90
Dragon Quest III (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Pot Lid Defense+2
Leather Shield Defense+4
Bronze Shield Defense+7
Scale Shield Defense+12
Iron Shield Defense+20
Magic Shield Defense+25
Dragon Shield Defense+32
Tempest Shield Defense+35
Silver Shield Defense+40
Shield of Shame Defense+42
Power Shield Defense+50
Ogre Shield Defense+60
Hero's Shield Defense+65
Dragon Quest III (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Strength Ring Strength+7
Tough Guy Tattoo Strength+8
Mighty Armlet Strength+15
Doh-Hican Defence+3
Garter Defence+3
Gold Rosary Defence+4
Leg Warmers Defence+5
Ten Ton Toupee Defence+15
Cower Ring Agility+7
Skull Ring Agility+10
Agility Ring Agility+`5
Mercury's Bandana Agility+30
Meteorite Bracer Agilityx2
Restless Heart Resilience+10
Gold Chain Resilience+10
Weightlifter's Belt Resilience+15
Recovery Ring Resilience+25
Care Ring Wisdom+15
Scholar's Specs Wisdom+15
Goddess Ring Wisdom+33
Bunny Tail Luck+8
Golden Tiara Luck+13
Hen's Tooth Luck+20
Sacred Amulet Luck+30
Elevating Shoes Luck+50
Slime Earrings
Ruby Wristband
  • ♥ denotes female only equipment.


The Hero is capable of learning a balanced mix of magic from both the Priest and Mage's pools, as well as some that are unique to them, such as Kaclang and Zap.

Level Learned Original Japanese GBC Localization Modern Localization MP Description
2 メラ Mera Blaze Frizz 2 A simple fire spell; affects one enemy.
4 ホイミ Hoimi Heal Heal 3 A simple healing spell.
6 ニフラム Nifuramu Expel Poof 2 Blows away weak enemies.
8 ルーラ Ruura Return Zoom 8 Instantaneous travel to a previously visited location.
10 ギラ Gira Firebal Sizz 4 A weak fire spell that affects a group of enemies.
12 アストロン Asutoron Ironize Kaclang 6 Makes the hero immune to all enemy attacks for a short period of time.
14 リレミト Riremito Outside Evac 8 Exit a cave with this spell.
17 ラリホー Rarihoo Sleep Snooze 3 May put a group of enemies to sleep.
19 マホトーン Mahotoon StopSpell Fizzle 3 Try to block the enemies' spell.
19 トヘロス Toherosu Repel Holy Protection 4 Causes weak enemies to leave you alone.
24 ベギラマ Begirama Firebane Sizzle 6 This fire spell affects a group of enemies.
26 ライデイン Raidein Zap Zap 8 Affects one enemy; the first lightning type spell.
29 ベホイミ Behoimi Healmore Midheal 5 A stronger form of Heal.
31 イオラ Iora Boom Boom 9 Damages all targets with a powerful explosion.
33 ベホマ Behoma Healall Fullheal 7 Restores an ally to full health.
35 ザオラル Zaoraru Vivify Zing 10 50% chance to revive a deceased party member.
38 ベホマズン Behomazun Healusall Omniheal 62 Restores the party to full health.
41 ギガデイン Gigadein Thordain Kazap 30 Causes around 200 points of electrical damage to all enemies.

Items Iconography[edit]

In the Nintendo Entertainment System versions of Dragon Quest, several items that once belonged to the hero have Erdrick in their names. See the Erdrick Equipment article for more detail.

Erdrick’s sword[edit]

This is the most powerful sword in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. Other names for this sword include Sword of Erdrick (Dragon Quest II) and Sword of Kings (Dragon Quest III).

Erdrick’s Armour[edit]

The most powerful armour in Dragon Quest, which protects against the hit point damage from poison swamps and barriers. It is also known as Armour of Erdrick in Dragon Quest II and as Auroral Armour in Dragon Quest III.

The Shield of Erdrick[edit]

The Hero's Shield was discovered in the Nail Mark. This is the name found in Dragon Quest II. It is called the Shield of Erdrick only in Dragon Quest III, as it does not exist in Dragon Quest.

The Helmet of Erdrick[edit]

This item exists only in Dragon Quest II, as there is no specific helm referred to as such in Dragon Quest III. In the remakes the player can acquire Ortega's helmet, which bears a distinct similarity to Erdrick's helmet from II.

Erdrick’s Emblem[edit]

An object which proves the hero's lineage in Dragon Quest, which is found in a swamp south of Cantlin. In III, the emblem is referred to as the Sacred amulet.

Erdrick's Tablet[edit]

A message written in stone by Erdrick in Dragon Quest III and left for the hero in Dragon Quest. It gives instructions on what items are needed to reach the Isle of Dragons, which is the location of Charlock Castle. The tablet is found in a cave called Erdrick's Cave.

Other References to Erdrick[edit]

  • In the opening scene of Dragon Quest V, the protagonist's father, Pankraz, suggests the name "Madason" for his son. His wife, Madalena, disagrees, and suggests the name which the player entered. If the player already entered the name "Madason", Pankraz will suggest "Erdrick" instead.
  • In the US translation of Dragon Quest VI (Nintendo DS and Cell phone Version), an NPC in Gallows Moor goes by the name of Erdrick.
  • In Dragon Quest IX the set of legendary armaments are referred to as Erdrick's, and not Loto's, reversing the localization change from the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Quest III.
  • In the original Final Fantasy, a role-playing game produced by Square, there is a grave for Erdrick (in the remakes and the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy, the name is Link).
  • Erdrick's sword is wielded by a mark in Final Fantasy XII. It is referred to as the "Wyrmhero Blade" (In the Japanese version, it's called the Tolo Sword).
  • The manga series Gintama has a parody of Dragon Quest which stars Leukocyte King, a character based on Erdrick.
  • In the demo for Dragon Quest Builders, the player's default name is "Buildrick". This is likely a reference to Erdrick.
  • In Fortune Street, if certain characters are on the Alefgard board, they will refer to Erdrick either by name or indirect reference:
    • "Just one time only, I wish to fight in battle with legendary hero, Erdrick." (Alena)
    • "The restful place from legendary hero Erdrick. I am with wish that there was opportunity to meet him." (Kiryl)
    • "Maybe the hero was a bit like my big brother, Alistair. You know, just maybe." (Jessica Albert)
    • "Oh, yeah! The home of the legendary hero! That sounds like the sort of person who should be on my list of clients. Can someone invite him over?" (Patty)
    • "... A legendary hero? If he's such a legend, maybe he should take my place while I'm out to lunch!" (Stella)
    • "My anslurpstors fought alongside the legendary hero from here. I bet they were really stout!" (Slime)
    • "This place has got some legendary hero, huh? I'm acquainted wid a hero myself as it happens. ... Some mortal schmoo who's always gettin' in our way!" (Platypunk)
    • "I guess Erdrick is the big cheese around these parts! I tip my hat to you, legendary hero!" (Mario)
    • "Whoa! Alefgard! I want to meet the legendary dragon warrior Erdrick! But I forgot my camera! Wah-hah!" (Toad)
    • "Yoshi Yoshi! (Erdrick may be the big hero in these parts, but Mario is the bestest hero in the galaxy!)" (Yoshi)
    • "Yoo hoo! Oh, hero-man! Won't you come and rescue me? I'm helpless when it comes to rolling the die!" (Birdo)
    • "What’s all this talk about a legendary hero? Is Mario already famous out here? Legendary hero, my spiny shell!" (Bowser)
    • "Legendary hero, shmegendary hero! My dad’s way braver than any ol’ hero!" (Bowser Jr.)
    • "Ooo? Ook ook! (This is the place to find hotshot heroes, huh? Well, you’re looking at one!)" (Donkey Kong)
    • "Oookie? Ookity ook! (This place is famous for a legendary hero? Hey, that's what I want to be one day!)" (Diddy Kong)
    • "Huh? Who cares about some legendary hero? The only legend you need to know about is the legend of WARIO!" (Wario)
    • "If it's a legendary hero you want, look no further! I'm standing right here! Whee hee hee!" (Waluigi)
    • "I don’t believe for a second in this legendary hero. If he DID exist, he’d be rescuing me right now!" (Princess Peach)
  • Dragonlord also mentions Erdrick in Fortune Street when he lands on an expensive property owned by Princessa.
    • "Waaargh! Dim kin of Erdrick and his sin! Thou trowest me beat by these puny bills!?"

Other Appearances[edit]

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

In this game, it is possible to replicate Erdrick's outfit by receiving pieces from defeating either Baramos or Zoma, who appear as Legacy Bosses in the game. An accolade is conferred to the player after wearing all of the pieces of Erdrick's outfit.

Warning: Spoilers
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Dragon Quest XI[edit]

In this game’s true ending after Serenica is shown to reunite with Erdwin, the beginning of Dragon Quest III is shown, with Erdrick appearing at the end.



Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory finishing move


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