Erdrick's Cave

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Erdrick's Cave is a cave northwest of Tantegel surrounded by desert. It is typically the first cave visited in Dragon Quest and contains Erdrick's Tomb. It is the only location in Dragon Quest, barring towns, that is completely devoid of monsters—the reason for this is left up to players to speculate on.


Dragon Quest[edit]

The cave is a very simple pseudo-dungeon meant to teach the player how to explore underground chambers with dwindling torch light without the added pressure of monsters. The cave is entirely optional and only contains Erdrick's Tablet in the original version and a monolith bearing Erdrick's mark in all other versions; both of these serve the purpose of instructing the player on how to cross the sea to reach the Dragonlord's Castle.


  • Erdrick's Cave is preceded by the Nail Mark in Dragon Quest III. It seems logical that Nail Mark was later renamed to Erdrick's Cave after his burial.

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