Erdrick's Tablet

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Erdrick's Tablet
Artwork of Erdrick's Tablet.
Kana せきばん
Old localizations
Found in Dragon Quest
Buy for N/A
Sell for N/A

Erdrick's Tablet, or Erdrick's Monument or Monolith, is an item from Dragon Quest. The tablet tells the Hero that he is a descendant of Erdrick and gives some explanation of what needs to be accomplished.


Dragon Quest[edit]

This item is exclusive to the NES version, for in all other remakes the tablet is not found within a treasure chest and simply appears as a monument.

Erdrick's Tablet (せきばん sekiban)DQ-SNES-LOGO-ICON.PNG
Buy Sell Effect
N/A N/A Provides a message written by Erdrick explaining certain story elements.
Can Be Used Outside Of Battle? Can Be Used In Battle?
Shop(s) This item is not sold in any shop.
Location(s) Erdrick's Cave
In-Game Description
Mobile ?


"I am Erdrick and thou art my descendant. Three items were needed to reach the Isle of Dragons which is south of Brecconary. I gathered these items, reached the island, and there defeated a creature of great evil. Now I have entrusted the three items to three worthy keepers. Their descendants will protect the items until thy quest leads thee to seek them out. When a new evil arises, find the three items, then fight!"

—Erdrick's Tablet (Dragon Quest) (NES)

"My name is Loto. To my descendant... To reach the demonic island that can be seen from Tantegel, three magic implement were needed. I used them to cross the sea and defeat the lord of demons. I will entrust the three mystic items with three sages. Their descendants will guard them. When evil returns to that island, collect the items and fight it. The three sages are waiting. It is your duty to go, my progeny!"

—Loto's Tablet (Dragon Quest) (GBC)

"I am Erdrick. Hear me well, bearer of my blood, heir to my destiny... If you would reach the evil island visible from Tantegal's shore, you will require three sacred artefacts[1]. Gather them and you may yet cross to that accursed isle, and destroy the source of all evil, as I, too, did so long ago. Before my passing, I entrusted the three objects to three great sages. If the fates have been kind, their descendants guard them still. When evil rules the ill-starred isle once more... Gather the hollowed traid, and strike a blow for the cause of light. No doubt, those of the line of the sages await you somewhere in this world. Seek them out! Blood of my blood, child of my children-go forth and fulfil[2] your destiny!"

—Erdrick's Tablet (Dragon Quest) (Mobile/Android/iOS)



  1. spelled as such in game instead of artifacts.
  2. spelled as such in game instead of fulfil.

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