Dragonlord's Castle

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The Dragonlord's Castle (竜王の城 Ryūō no Shiro), Charlock Castle in older localizations, is the name of the final dungeon in Dragon Quest and the lair of the eponymous lord. It is located in the central area of Alefgard, across the sea to the southeast of Tantegel.

It also appears as a dungeon in Dragon Quest II, but is not vital to the plot of the game. In Dragon Quest III, Zoma's Citadel is located in its place.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Ruled by the Dragonlord. Erdrick's sword is found here in the subterranean section.


Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

No great evil dwells here now, merely the grandson of the Dragonlord. Once again, Erdrick's sword is located here in the same chest as it was 100 years ago.

Monsters (interior)[edit]

Nearby monsters (exterior)[edit]


Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

The castle serves as the final dungeon in the game, where the hero must defeat The Dragonlord to undo the buidling-blocking curse laid upon the land.

Raw materials[edit]

Raw materials requiring shovels[edit]

Building materials[edit]


Captain N: The Game Master[edit]

The castle appeared in the episode "Three Men & A Dragon" and was referred to as Castle Charlock. Princess Lana & Mega Man entered it, as they were unaware of it being the home of the Dragonlord. They ended up captured, and while in the dungeon, they encountered The Three Keepers of Power.

Places of interest[edit]

Hidden staircase[edit]

The castle has a hidden staircase on the first floor which is the correct path to reach the innermost areas of the castle in both Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. This staircase is referred to by various NPCs in both Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest III. In order to find the stairs, the hero must search behind the thrones in the middle of the first floor. All other paths from the first floor lead to a neverending maze.


In the remake of both Dragon Quest II, the music used for the castle is the same as Dragon Quest, whereas in the NES Version, the game's regular dungeon music was used. The remake of III used the new BGM from The Baramos' Lair.

Another addition to the remake of Dragon Quest II is the throne room being present as it was with the first game, albeit in ruins.