The Dragonlord’s Island

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The Dragonlord's Island serves as the final location in the Dragon Quest Builders, where the builder must defeat The Dragonlord to undo the buidling-blocking curse laid upon the land.


The final island in the Builder's journey is also the epicenter of Dragonlord's curse. As such, it is a barren island, with a lot of ash, sand and rocks. It's home to some of the game's most powerful and intimidating monsters, like the Dread dragon.

Sidequests & Points of interest[edit]

Unlike the other islands, there isn't much to do here.

The gatehouse[edit]

Following the main path towards the castle, a gatehouse can be encountered. Inside, a battle with a Knight Abhorrent and Vis Mager awaits, and so does a chest containing a seed of life.

Challenge: The Dreamy King Slime[edit]

Located in the southmost area of the island, a lonely King Slime daydreams. If you have found the other three curious slimes in the Land of Ash and Despair, Tantegel moor, and Patchwork Island, the King Slime will give you a recipe. After receiving the Verdant Vision, he will reward the player with three gungerbread. And the challenge will be completed.

Chests inside Dragonlord's Castle[edit]

There is a chest containing three medicinal herbs past the Dread dragon.

Upon defeating said dragon, two chests will unlock: one containing an extra scare root, and another containing a ruby of protection.

Challenge: Defeat Dragonlord without legendary armor[edit]

Another challenge can be completed by defeating the Dragonlord's True Form without having the Auroral Armour or Hero's Shield in the equipment bag. To do so, just put them in the colossal coffer before going to face Dragonlord.

They can be used in the first phase, but they must be stashed into the colossal coffer before defeating the humanoid form of Dragonlord. The Sword of Kings can be used in both battles, using it or not does not effect this challenge.


List of available materials in Dragonlord's Island and Castle.

Raw materials
Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
Grassy leaves icon.png
Grassy leaves
Plumberry seedling icon.png
Plumberry seedling
Pumice pieces icon.png
Pumice pieces
DQB stone icon.png
White petals icon.png
White petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Blighted branch icon.png
Blighted branch
Branch icon.png
Grass icon.png
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medicinal shrub
Milkblossom icon.png
Sandgrass icon.png
Shadowgrass icon.png
Stalwort icon.png

Raw materials requiring a bucket
Water icon.png

Building materials and decorations
Ash icon.png
Bloodstone icon.png
Chalk icon.png
Clay block icon.png
Dilapidated crate icon.png
Dilapidated crate
Earth block.png
Fortress battlement icon.png
Fortress battlement
Fortress foundation icon.png
Fortress foundation
Fortress wall icon.png
Fortress wall
Obsidian block icon.png
Pebblestone block icon.png
Plumberry lumber icon.png
Plumberry lumber
Sand block icon.png
Sandstone icon.png


A list of monsters who live in Dragonlord's Island.

Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
DQB Cosmic Chimaera.png Cosmic chimaera 36 28 28 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Dread dragon.png Dread dragon 228 44 32 Meaty bone.png
Meaty bone
DQB Fightgeist.png Fightgeist (Night only) 75 42 20 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Ghost.png Ghost (Night only) 80 34 17 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
Knight abhorrent builders.png Knight abhorrent 135 ~ 338 30 ~ 46 0 ~ 62 Chains icon.png
Cell door icon.png
Cell door
DQB Rockbomb.png Rockbomb 60 ~ 100 28 ~ 35 34 ~ 45 Rockbomb shard icon.png
Rockbomb shard
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky box slime (Small) 11 26 4 Small stones icon.png
Small stones
Pumice icon.png
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky box slime (Large) 23 22 2 Bathtub icon.png
Big rock icon.png
Big rock
DQB She-Slime.png She-slime 11 9 1 Orange oil icon.png
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud icon.png
Daffodaisy bud
DQB Spitegeist.png Spitegeist (Night only) 75 47 22 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Vis Mager.png Vis mager 105 38 32 Newt icon.png
Boss Fight
DQB Boss Dragonlord.png The Dragonlord (Humanoid) ? ? ?
DQB Dragonlord True Form.png The Dragonlord (His Terrifying True Form!) ? ? ? The corruted Sphere of Light

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