Terra Incognita

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Terra Incognita is the free play mode in Dragon Quest Builders.


Terra Incognita is a placeful land closer to the realm of the spirits than to Alefgard, where the Builder can build anything they want. Random monsters and villagers can join the player's town, though the variety is determined by story progression. Unlike their main story counterparts, npcs can go wherever they want in Terra Incognita.

It is first unlocked after finishing the first chapter, and completing other chapters unlocks more teleportals.

Free mode is made of six islands:

  • Terra Incognita, the main island, where the banner of hope is.
  • Terra Australis, based on Cantlin and it's resources.
  • Terra Orientalis, the island based on Rimuldar.
  • Terra Borealis, an island based on Kol and Galenholm.
  • Terra Occidentalis, the island based on Tantegel.
  • Terra Gladiatora, land of combat.

Players can share their buildings online, with two limitations:

  • The construction must be inside a x x area inside a Sharing stone.
  • It can only be shared with players on the same platform. Vita players cannot share or see the buildings from PS4 players, for instance.

To view the creations of other players, one needs to place Summoning stones around the island. By default, there are already some placed near the banner of hope. The Summoning stones can summon random buildings, or summons specific creations by using summoning spells.

One of the additional features in the banner of hope is resetting Terra Australis, Orientalis, Borealis, and Occidentalis. This is useful in case the player has ran out of materials to farm in a specific island.

There are items that can only be crafted in Terra Incognita. Some exclusive recipes are unlocked by completing main story challenges.


Terra incognita means unknown land, making an allusion to the mysterious properties of this location.

Terra Australis[edit]

Available as soon as Terra Incognita itself becomes available, it offers items and materials similar to the ones found in the land of Cantlin.