Banner of Hope

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The Banner of Hope is a special item in Dragon Quest Builders.


Blessed by Rubiss, these magical pieces of fabric are placed by the Builder in each base at the start of all four story chapters. Placing them down makes a warm and soothing light engulf the surrounding area, turning it into the chapter's main base. Their light is attractive to nearby humans, who begin having hope and curiosity for building and rush towards it.

The Banner of Hope primary function is serving as the save spot for the game. In Terra Incognita, it is known as Banner of Freedom, and has additional features like allowing to visit Terra Gladiatora, resetting the other free mode islands, and arranging the villagers.

Each town has a different color for their banner of hope: Cantlin's is yellow, Rimuldar has a green banner, Kol's flag is red, and Tantegel's is blue. The one in Terra Incognita is also blue.

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"A flag that acts as a billowing beacon of peace and safety"