Builder (Dragon Quest Builders)

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"The Builder"
Dragon Quest Builders
DQB Hero.png
DQB Heroine.png
Japanese name 主人公
Romaji Main character
Race Human
Age Adolescent
Warning: Spoilers!
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Erdrick (Ancestor)
Voice actor Daiki Yamashita (male)
Ayaka Asai (female)

The Builder is the mostly-silent protagonist of the eponymous game, sent forth by the Goddess Rubiss to rejuvenate the world after the hero of Alefguard betrayed the faith the people placed in him and doomed the kingdom to darkness.

The Builder's default name in the demo of Dragon Quest Builders is Bildrick, regardless of the gender of the player. In the Japanese version, the male Builder is given the name of Build (ビルド Birudo), and the female Builder is given the name Crea (クリエ Kurie).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The male builder wears a black long-sleeved shirt with white pants, covered by a blue tunic and long cap to cover his blonde locks. His accessories are a pair of yellow goggles, a red scarf, along with a materials bag and food pouch.

The fairer of the two wears the opposite color scheme, having black pants, a white shirt, and a red tunic with blue scarf. The yellow goggles and hair are the same, as is the exploration gear and the large belt. Regardless of sex, the Builder is described as "dopey" by a variety of NPCs, much to their chagrin.

Both versions of the character follow the series tradition of being silent, though voice actors are employed for yelps, grunts, battle cries, and so forth when taking damage or fighting monsters. Furthermore, a sassy personality is strongly implied for both as the protagonist will talk back to several characters over the course of the adventure, even the Goddess Herself. No dialogue is displayed when this happens, and the implication is carried through by the reactions of the other conversation participants.


The builder awakens at the words of Rubiss asking if the player can hear Her voice. She explains the fate that has befallen Her world, and that the builder is the only person alive with the ability to forge items from raw materials, as all others have fallen prey to the curse of the Dragonlord that has clouded creative clarity the world over.

The builder begins the tutorial of the game entombed in an unmarked grave, where in Rubiss explains the process of crafting tools and what will be required of the player to save the remaining lives left in Alefguard (while being interrupted frequently). The Goddess ends the tutorial by stating that they are not a Hero, and thus the builder's responsibility lies strictly with rebuilding the towns of Alefguard and giving safe haven to the people. The Goddess is then flabbergasted to hear Her chosen one "doesn't get it" and "just wants to build things".


The builder is the only person alive who is able to combine, rearrange and construct objects from materials and the only one who can reduce said objects back to their components by destroying them. This being said, the builder is not totally immune to the hex--they will be stripped of all knowledge gained during a chapter when beginning a new one, and must relearn every recipe again.

Due to the focus of the game being more sandbox-orientated than previous titles, the builder has far fewer stats than the typical protagonist. Only HP, attack, and defence are shown in-game, with the former improving through leveling up the quality of a given chapter's town and through Seeds of life, with the latter two being completely dependent on weapons and armour.


Warning: Spoilers!
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The Builder's history prior to the events of the game are never fully explained, only that they died sometime ago by an unknown cause and were brought back to life by Rubiss for the express task of rebuilding Alefguard. The reasons for Rubiss's choice to revive them in particular is due to the fact that the Builder, like the the fallen Hero, is also a descendant of Erdrick--something she does not reveal to them until they have completed their task. However, unlike their ancestor, they were not blessed with strength but with the power of creation, an art lost in this timeline.