Hammerhood Heights

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The rolling hills of Hammerhood Heights are the second region the players can explore in Dragon Quest Builders. As the name suggests, it is populated by a large tribe of Hammerhoods that will teach the Builder the technique for crafting a basic mallet as thanks for a small favor. This area is accessed via the blue teleportal in Cantlin.


The island is home to a friendly tribe of Hammerhoods whose leader is Clobberina, a larger female hammerhood. She teacher the Builder how to make mallets in order to be able to break rocks and harder blocks to get more materials to work with.

The land is can be divided in three areas: a dirt mountain filled with coal and other minerals where the hammerhoods reside, a small grassy peninsula in the north, and a range of mountains and forests in the southern and western regions. Deep in the mountain range, past survivors from Cantlin made a fortress, but it's long gone.

Kenelm can be rescued from some monsters in the small peninsula in the northern area of the island. He later teaches the builder how to do charged attacks.

Sidequests & Points of interest[edit]

Map of Alefgard, highlighting the Cantlin region.

A list of side-activites to do while in the heights.

A present from a Hammerhood[edit]

In the nearest depression, a happy hammerhood will hint to building a path and taking a chest nearby. It contains a Seed of life.

Finding the map of Alefgard[edit]

From a friendly hammerhood warming himself at the fire, go north carefully by the edge of the cliffs. A small cave awaits, containg a treasure chest with a world map inside.

Challenge: The hammerhood graveyard[edit]

In another hole near Clobberina's home, lies a ruined hammerhood cementery. One of this chapter's challenges is repairing this resting place, however it cannot be done the first time the location is visited. In order to unlock all the needed recipes, the builder must travel to a hidden island in the north of the Damdara Desert. After talking to the brownie, the builder must return and build the needed stone memorials and place them down.

"The Greasy Mallet" blueprint[edit]

West from Clobberina's home, there is a earthy structure topped by a stone well. After breaking some blocks, the path inside should be opened. The treasure inside is the extra blueprint "The Greasy Mallet", which will allow the Builder to create a neat little cookfire cafe.

Ladder recipe[edit]

In another earthy structure three hammehood stand. Speaking with them will make them reveal how to make ladders to the protagonist.

"The Hammerton Hothouse" blueprint[edit]

In the central southern area of the Hammerhood Heights, there is a forest. Inside, two friendly hammerhoods compete against each other to see which one has the best garden, but one of them is winning by a landside. The other hammerhood wants the builder's help to copy the winning garden. To do so, the builder needs a shovel,which is learnt after having access to the Damdara Desert. Once the shovel is obtained, the player has to return to the gardens with at least: three milkblossom flowers (or buds), a coralily (or bud), a prickly peach cactus, three cactus trunks, two cactus crowns, sandwort, and a medicinal shrub. After finishing the job, one hammerhood will reward the builder with a bench, and the other with an additional blueprint: the Hammerton Hothouse. This blueprint makes a nice indoors garden.

Double-jump boots[edit]

The Talaria can be obtained inside a cave in this region. This accessory allows the builder to double jump. Their exact location changes from savefile to savefile, however they are always in the same area: the area surrounding the fallen fortress. In order to obtain them, the player must locate the randomly-generated cave with the remains of a man, and place a dirt block and a tombstone on top of the bones. Afterwards, the ghost of the Talaria's previous owner will appear and give them to the player as a sign of gratitude for buring him.

Chimaera wings[edit]

Atop of the fortress, a chest containing a chimaera wing awaits.

Challenge: the three dragons (2)[edit]

The second dragon needed for the challenge is located deep in the western mountains, much further than the fortress. It will drop the Dragon Scale accessory when defeated.


List of available materials in Cantlin Plains.

Raw materials
Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
Butterbeans icon.png
Coal icon.png
Copper icon.png
Grassy leaves icon.png
Grassy leaves
Ivy icon.png
Marshroom icon.png
Medicinal leaf icon.png
Medicinal leaf
Plumberry icon.png
Plumberry seedling icon.png
Plumberry seedling
Pumice pieces icon.png
Pumice pieces
Silver icon.png
DQB stone icon.png
Wheat icon.png
White petals icon.png
White petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Branch icon.png
Grass icon.png
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medicinal shrub
Milkblossom icon.png
Pristine plumberry icon.png
Pristine plumberry
Stalwort icon.png

Building materials and decorations
Broken barricade icon.png
Broken barricade
Broken brickwork icon.png
Broken brickwork
Chalk icon.png
Clay block icon.png
Dilapidated crate icon.png
Dilapidated crate
Earth block.png
Obsidian block icon.png
Pebblestone block icon.png
Plumberry lumber icon.png
Plumberry lumber


List of enemies available in the Hammerhood Heights.

Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
DQB Brownie.png Brownie (Small) 20 11 6 Fur icon.png
DQB Brownie.png Brownie (Large) 40 16 7 Leather sack icon.png
Leather sack
DQB Chimaera.png Chimaera 12 2 2 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Dracky.png Dracky 11 8 1 Coralily bud icon.png
Coralily bud
Grass seed icon.png
Grass seed
DQB Fightgeist.png Fightgeist (Night only) 56 24 16 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Ghost.png Ghost (Night only) 56 24 16 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Hammerhood.png Hammerhood 18 12 4 Fur icon.png
Whopping needle icon.png
Whopping needle
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Small) 24 10 12 Small stones icon.png
Small stones
Pumice icon.png
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Large) 14 10 12 Bathtub icon.png
Big rock icon.png
Big rock
DQB She-Slime.png She-Slime 12 6 4 Orange oil icon.png
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud icon.png
Daffodaisy bud
DQB Skeleton.png Skeleton 23 14 6 Coarse cloth icon.png
Coarse cloth shard
Bones icon.png
DQB Slime.png Slime 7 4 0 Blue goo icon.png
Blue goo
Milkblossom bud icon.png
Milkblossom bud
Minibosses available in this area
DQB Green Dragon.png Green Dragon 550~662 33-36 40-43 Dragon scale icon.png
Dragon scale


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