List of shields in Dragon Quest Builders

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Image Name Description Crafting station Materials
Hero's shield builders icon.png Hero's shield The sacred shield of a hero of legend.
Defense +16.
Furnace Zenithium (x2), ruby, gold, steel ingot (x2), wood (x2)
Iron shield builders icon.png Iron shield A sturdy iron shield with a wooden handle.
Defense +5
Forge, furnace Iron ingot, wood
Leather shield builders icon.png Leather shield A basic buckler hardened with hide.
Defense +2
Mason’s workstation, sewing station Fur (x2), wood
Magic shield builders icon.png Magic shield A light and luminous shield made from a magical metal.
Defense +10. Reduces damage taken from indirect attacks.
Welder's workbench Magic ingot, wood
Silver shield builders icon.png Silver shield A bejeweled buckler buffed to a silvery sheen.
Defense +13.
Sewing station Liquid silver (x10), sapphire, wood
Steel shield builders icon.png Steel shield A strong shield shaped from a single sheet of steel.
Defense +10
Furnace Steel ingot, wood
Thanatos’ shield builders icon.png Thanatos' shield An abominable aegis adorned with a horned skull.
Defense +16. It emits an ominous aura…
Forbidden altar Orichalcum, silvery sludge, septic shrub, huge horn (x2)