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Purification is a recurring mechanic in the Dragon Quest series.

Mainline games[edit]

Present in all mainline games starting with Dragon Quest II, purification is a service provided by the church. This service consists in removing the poison status effect of an afflicted party member via holy powers, in exchange for some gold. The exact amount of gold changes per game.

The same effect can be achieved by casting the Squelch spell or consuming an Antidotal herb or similar items.

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

Only existing in the first Dragon Quest Builders game, purification is a mechanic that turns cursed blocks and items into their clear and healthy equivalents. The effect can be triggered by using a vial of Holy water.

The area of effect is a circular area of 9x9 blocks, with a total heigh of 5 blocks: the area of effect extends two blocks below the Builder's feet and one block over their head.

This process cannot be reversed, once a block or item has been purified it cannot be cursed again.

Purification list
Before After
Ash icon.png
Ash block
Earth block.png
Earth block
Bonestone icon.png
Bonestone block
Coal vein icon.png
Coal vein block
Bloodstone icon.png
Bloodstone block
Clay block icon.png
Clay block
Dragonstone icon.png
Dragonstone block
Iron vein icon.png
Iron vein block
Infernal ivy icon.png
Infernal ivy
Ivy icon.png
Frogstool icon.png
Marshroom icon.png
Septic shrub icon.png
Septic shrub
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medical shrub
Bones icon.png
Milkblossom icon.png
Shadowgrass icon.png
Stalwort icon.png
Dead tree icon.png
Dead tree
Plumberry tree icon.png
Plumberry Tree
Huge horn icon.png
Huge horn
Plumberry sapling icon.png
Plumberry Sapling
Blighted branch icon.png
Blighted branch
Branch icon.png
Dragon bones icon.png
Dragon bones
Tree stump icon.png
Tree Stump


  • While the item for using this mechanic in Builders is a bottle of Holy water, it's icon resembles the Magic Water bottle.
  • The Dragonstone block is unobtainable in both Builders games.