Swamps of Sickness

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The Swamps of Sickness is the second major region explored in Dragon Quest Builders, being the defiled remains of Rimuldar's once pristine lake and forests. The terrain is much less forgiving than any found in Cantlin, and the Bodkin family of monsters will happily snipe at the craftsman from afar.


What was once a vibrant, colorful town surrounded by a clear water lake has become a swamp of death and sickness. Surrounded by a now deadly venomous lake, the remains of the town of Rimuldar is where the base for the second chapter of Dragon Quest Builders will be. Near the ruins, a water crystal can be found. This special block can generate water if it's placed one or two blocks above rock bottom.

The first inhabitant of Rimuldar base is Elle, a nun who seeks to cure the land of the cataclysmic contagions the swamp produces. Her first request is for the Builder to construct a sickroom, then search the immediate area for patients to fill it with. Helping her will restore the village to grace bring hope back to the people, but will also draw the ire of the Hades Condor watching from above.

The poisonous lake of Rimuldar has some rocky mountains around it, and some hills too. Food is a valuable and scarce resource in these swamps. While most of the vegetation and wildlife in the area has perished due to the poison, the region's hills still have grass and healthy plants which resist against the odds.


Image Name Biography
DQB Elle polygon model.jpg
Elle A devout nun who attempts to counter poison with piety. She is immensely grateful to the Builder facilitating her aid to the ill, but her fervor for first-aid may come at the cost of her own life...
DQB Gerontius.png
Gerontius The learned Gerontius becomes a valuable asset after he is recruited to the cause. He is a scholar, but has no problem getting dirty while battling monsters. His anguish is tied to the secrets he keeps.
DQB Nosh.png
Nosh Nosh is the first of many diseased people that must be carried back to the base. When he’s healthy again, Nosh becomes the driving force behind learning about how to fish.
DQB Casey.png
Casey Casey must be rescued from the island beyond the blue teleportal. Casey’s illness requires two treatments, but she protects the base as soon she’s out of the sickroom.
DQB Hazel.png
Hazel Hazel’s rescue involves a trip through the red teleportal and vanquishing a group of treefaces. Feed her four meals to restore her health. She isn’t a fighter, but she builds items when the player creates the proper rooms.
DQB Mildred.jpg
Mildred Mildred suffers starving sickness and requires a large amount of food to be cured. Once on the mend, she serves as a guard for the town and will attack monsters on sight. Concerned with creature comforts, she hopes the Builder can lead the village to a life of luxury.

Sidequests & Points of interest[edit]

Nosh's shelter[edit]

Just west from the base, across the swamp, a tired and sick Nosh can be found in what remains of his shelter. Taking him back to safety is one of the first tasks Elle asks the builder to do.

Chimaera's tower[edit]

Just south from Rimuldar, a dirt spire surrounded by chimaeras stands. There's a chest containing five chimaera wings in one of the lower ledges.

Gerontius's camp[edit]

Southeast from the chimaera's tower, the player can find a small camp where Gerontius mourns. Aside from visiting this place for story reasons, a chest can be found here. It contains three chimaera wings.

Casey's shelter[edit]

Further southeast from Gerontius's camp, a ruined shelter can be found. Elle will task the builder with rescuing Casey and bring her to Rimuldar.

Caves in the south[edit]

Following the path southbound from Casey's shelter, some caves can be found. While their actual location changes from savefile to savefile, one of the caves is guaranteed to have a chest containing a seed of life.

Locked room[edit]

Located in the far south, a locked room can be found on the green hills. The door can be opened after learning how to make keys. An Yggdrasil essence can be obtained from a chest within the room.

Thalamus's quiz 1 (challenge)[edit]

Also in the far south but in the opposite side of the poison lake, a structure containing a quiz awaits the arrival of the builder. To solve the puzzle, the builder must copy the room from the left on the right, exactly as it is. Doing so grants the builder with a stone axe and a white block, with the later being needed to finish the challenge in the last island of chapter 2.

Rubiss's teleportal[edit]

Situated in the mountains just north from the town, the teleportal is the last place the builder needs to visit before finishing the chapter.


List of available materials in the swamps of sickness.

Raw materials
Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
Butterbeans icon.png
Cotton icon.png
Frogstool icon.png
Ivy icon.png
Medicinal leaf icon.png
Medicinal leaf
Pink petals icon.png
Pink petals
Pumice pieces icon.png
Pumice pieces
Strong stalks icon.png
Strong stalks
White petals icon.png
White petals
Yellow petals icon.png
Yellow petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Bogwort icon.png
Branch icon.png
Coralily icon.png
Cotton plant icon.png
Cotton plant
Daffodaisy icon.png
Grass icon.png
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medicinal shrub
Milkblossom icon.png
Pristine plumberry icon.png
Pristine plumberry
Stalwort icon.png
Witchgrass icon.png

Raw materials requiring a bucket
Water icon.png
Pure water icon.png
Pure water *

Building materials and decorations
Chalk icon.png
Clay block icon.png
Dilapidated crate icon.png
Dilapidated crate
Earth block.png
Pebblestone block icon.png
Poisonous peat icon.png
Poisonous peat
Sand block icon.png

*In order to scoop pure water, the builder needs to use a bucket next to a filtering fountain.


List of enemies available in the Swamps of Sickness.

Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
DQB Bewarewolf.png Bewarewolf 40 15 ~ 20 0 ~ 12 Fur icon.png
DQB Bodkin archer.png Bodkin archer 20 6 0 Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
DQB Bodkin Fletcher.png Bodkin fletcher 30 8 4 Frogstool icon.png
Healing cream icon.png
Healing cream
DQB Chimaera.png Chimaera 19 12 0 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Dracky.png Dracky 18 10 0 Coralily bud icon.png
Coralily bud
Grass seed icon.png
Grass seed
DQB Drohl Diabolist.png Drohl diabolist 20 12 0 Sticky liquid icon.png
Sticky liquid
DQB Drohl Drone.png Drohl drone 23 10 0 Sticky liquid icon.png
Sticky liquid
Witchgrass seed icon.png
Witchgrass seed
DQB Fightgeist.png Fightgeist (Night only) 56 22 8 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Ghost.png Ghost (Night only) 30 12 0 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Hammerhood.png Hammerhood 28 13 0 Fur icon.png
DQB She-Slime.png She-slime 16 8 0 Orange oil icon.png
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud icon.png
Daffodaisy bud
DQB Slime.png Slime 12 6 0 Blue goo icon.png
Blue goo
Milkblossom bud icon.png
Milkblossom bud
DQB Walking Corpse.png Walking Corpse 120 32 14 Gravestone icon.png
Lemongrass seed icon.png
Lemongrass seed
Minibosses available in this area
DQB Drohl Drone.png Drohl drifter 90 18 6 Nopic.png
Heart of darkness
Boss Fight
DQB Hades Condor.png Hades Condor ? ? ? Nopic.png
Storm stone


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