List of items in Dragon Quest Builders

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These items are more akin to those seen in mainline DQ games. They are disposable and provide immediate results when used.

Image Name Description Uses Materials
Antidotal herb builders icon.png Antidotal herb A curative compound of antivenomous vegetation. Cures poison Medicinal leaf, sticky liquid, pink petals
Chimaera wing builders icon.png Chimaera wing A fastly tied fan of fluttering feathers. Instantly transports you to your base. Chimaera feather (x5)
Confetti icon.png Confetti Small squares of colourful crepe paper. Can be used repeatedly Freezia flower (x10), magic dye (x3)
Defuddle drops.png Defuddle drops Pale little pills of mind-blowing bitterness. Cancels confusion Confusing claw, frogstool, yellow petals
Divine draught icon.png Divine draught A consecrated concoction that can cure the incurable. To be used when required. Holyhock (x5), liquid silver (x3), pure water
Faerie fertiliser icon.png Faerie fertiliser Magical manure that speeds seedlings’ growth. Use in Terra Incognita to make plants grow. Bones, white petals, earth
Healing cream icon.png Healing cream A palliative paste of pure white petals. Restores 15 HP White petal (x3)
Holy water builders icon.png Holy water A bottle of blessed water with purifying powers. Purifies the surrounding land. Pure water
Medicinal herb builders icon.png Medicinal herb A carefully prepared pouch of pain-relieving leaves. Restores 30 HP Medicinal leaf (x3)
Sheen salts icon.png Sheen salts A sanctified solution of curse-cleansing compounds. Banishes curses. Holy water, silver
Tingle tablet icon.png Tingle tablet A big, black bolus that brings numb limbs back to life. Cures the effect of paralysis. Paralystinger, cod, white petals
Yggdrasil essence icon.png Yggdrasil essence An exotic elixir made to mirror the world tree’s dew. Revives and restores you to full health upon death. Automatically used if held. Holy water, medicinal leaf (x3), white petals (x3), scare root


  • The faerie fertilizer's appearance is based on the Sacksquatch.