The Damdara Desert

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The Damdara Desert is an open waste north of the ruins of Cantlin. Even more desolate than before, all traces of human habitation have long since succumbed to the elements and been swallowed by the shifting sands. Instead, a foreboding pyramid looms over the Builder from across a shallow river.


As it's name implies, this region is mostly desert. A menacing pyramid looms in the southwestern area. The ruins of the town of Damdara remain visible in the central part of the island. In the northeast side of the land, a small and calm island stands.

There are mineral veins all over the area, be it in rocky structures in the desert or in caves inside the mountains. Surprisingly, there is also a large amount of plants to gather.

In the northwest side, far behind the mountains a dragon rests on the plains. Around the plains, there are forests filled with monsters and materials.

Sidequests & Points of interest[edit]

An overview of the main points of interests and optional activities to do in this island:

The stone arch[edit]

Someone's remains on the stone arch.

Between the red teleportal and the pyramid stands a stone arch. There's a note next to some bones, and pot on top of the arch. A seed of life can be obained by reading the note.

The Pyramid[edit]

The pyramid is one of the main points of interest in this island. It is visited for story purposes, and is filled with cultists.

Besides the mandatory path, the pyramid holds two secret chests, one containing a Fireplace, and the other containing the Featherfall footwear, which cuts 100% of the fall damage. To find them, one must find and destroy a dirt wall inside the lower floor of the pyramid, near the stairs that lead towards the main room. To find the fireplace, simply follow the new path. The Fallfeather footwear are in a chest accessed by climbing some ivy.

In the area nearby the pyramid, Iron scorpions and Knight errants can be found. The former can drop an item necessary for forging the best hammer available in chapter 1.

Damdara ruins[edit]

Another place visited for story reasons. Only one building stands, a room that is used as a cell by Dragonlord's minions. In the nearby area there are some poisionous lakes; and some trees and ruined walls reminiscent of the town's better days.

Challenge: the hammerhood graveyard (Part 2)[edit]

A small separate island is visible from the northeast side of the Damdara desert. The small island is accessible by foot, as the water is very shallow over the sand connecting both islands.

Once there, the player can find a small hammerhood cementery guarded by a brownie. The grumpy brownie will tell the builder how to make memorials. With that knowledge, the builder can return to Hammerhood Heights, repair the graveyard near Clobberina's home and complete one of the chapter's challenges.

Challenge: the three dragons (3)[edit]

Far in the northeastern plains, a dragon rests. It drops a Fireplace once defeated. If the other two dragons found in the Ravaged Realm and Hammerhood Heights are also defeated, another of the episode's challenges will be completed.


List of available materials in the Damdara desert.

Raw materials
Broken branch icon.png
Broken branch
Cactus cutlet icon.png
Cactus cutlet
Coal icon.png
Copper icon.png
Grassy leaves icon.png
Grassy leaves
Iron icon.png
Ivy icon.png
Marshroom icon.png
Medicinal leaf icon.png
Medicinal leaf
Plumberry icon.png
Plumberry seedling icon.png
Plumberry seedling
Prickly peach icon.png
Prickly peach
Pumice pieces icon.png
Pumice pieces
Ruby icon.png
Silver icon.png
DQB stone icon.png
Strong stalks icon.png
Strong stalks
Wheat icon.png
White petals icon.png
White petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Bogwort icon.png
Branch icon.png
Cactus crown icon.png
Cactus crown
Cactus trunk icon.png
Cactus trunk
Grass icon.png
Medicinal shrub icon.png
Medicinal shrub
Milkblossom icon.png
Prickly peach cactus icon.png
Prickly peach cactus
Pristine plumberry icon.png
Pristine plumberry
Sandgrass icon.png
Sandwort icon.png
Stalwort icon.png
Witchgrass icon.png

Building materials and decorations
Broken brickwork icon.png
Broken brickwork
Chalk icon.png
Clay block icon.png
Earth block.png
Obsidian block icon.png
Pebblestone block icon.png
Plumberry lumber icon.png
Plumberry lumber
Poisonous peat icon.png
Poisonous peat
Sand block icon.png
Sandstone icon.png
Sandy sandstone icon.png
Sandy sandstone


Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
DQB Brownie.png Brownie (Small) 20 11 6 Fur icon.png
DQB Brownie.png Brownie (Large) 40 16 7 Leather sack icon.png
Leather sack
DQB Bunicorn.png Bunicorn 28 14 9 Meat icon.png
DQB Chimaera.png Chimaera 12 2 2 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Dracky.png Dracky 11 8 1 Coralily bud icon.png
Coralily bud
Grass seed icon.png
Grass seed
DQB Fightgeist.png Fightgeist (Night only) 56 24 16 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Ghost.png Ghost (Night only) 56 24 16 Chimaera feather icon.png
Chimaera feather
Monster egg icon.png
Monster egg
DQB Hammerhood.png Hammerhood 18~88 12~26 4~8 Fur icon.png
Whopping needle icon.png
Whopping needle
Iron Scorpion Builders.png Iron Scorpion 45 21 20 Scorpion horn icon.png
Scorpion horn
Healing cream icon.png
Healing cream
Knight errant builders.png Knight Errant 65 25 26 Iron ingot icon.png
Iron ingot
Healing cream icon.png
Healing cream
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Small) 24 10 12 Small stones icon.png
Small stones
Pumice icon.png
Rocky Box Slime.png Rocky Box Slime (Large) 14 10 12 Bathtub icon.png
Big rock icon.png
Big rock
DQB Scorpion.png Scorpion 44 16 12 Chains icon.png
Medicinal herb builders icon.png
Medicinal herb
DQB She-Slime.png She-Slime 12 6 4 Orange oil icon.png
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud icon.png
Daffodaisy bud
DQB Skeleton.png Skeleton 28 16 8 Coarse cloth icon.png
Coarse cloth shard
Bones icon.png
DQB Slime.png Slime 7 4 0 Blue goo icon.png
Blue goo
Milkblossom bud icon.png
Milkblossom bud
Minibosses available in this area
DQB Green Dragon.png Green Dragon 550~662 33-36 40-43 Fireplace icon.png
DQB Stone Golem.png Stone Golem (Small) 79 ? ? Round table icon.png
Round table
Bathtub icon.png
DQB Stone Golem.png Stone Golem (Big) 100 ? ? Golemite icon.png

The bigger stone golem can only be defeated with Wrecking balls, which can be made after visiting the Rockbomb Ravine. All other monsters can be defeated via regular means.

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