Patchwork Island

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The Patchwork Island is the is the third area of the final chapter in Dragon Quest Builders. It is a hodgepodge of different biomes, giving the Builder easy access to wide variety of materials. This area is where the main side-characters of the previous chapters have been imprisoned, and each needs to be rescued.

Furthermore, the foreboding fortress on the eastern coast of the isle is the home of the Prince of Darkness–the fallen Hero who cloistered himself away in madness.

Drohl recruit[edit]

A friendly drohl is sealed behind a wall in a randomly-selected cave on the island. Being cloistered away, the Builder can only stumble upon him by walking against walls and noticing his text bubble asking for help or by demolishing the entire mountain chain. The grateful gastropod will then slither off to become a resident of Tantegel castle.


Though void of workable substances in the beginning, the Builder can revive the land with holy water.

Raw materials[edit]

Raw materials requiring shovels[edit]

Building materials[edit]



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