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Magic water (or Magical holy water, as it was originally known) is a rather rare healing item in the Dragon Quest series. As the phials were originally only found in treasure chests and occasionally dropped by monsters, it is important to stockpile them for the most dangerous segments of a journey, such as when the party has reached the lowest level of the dungeon with the knowledge that a potentially deadly boss is up ahead.

In modern titles, these glass bottles are far less rare, usually even purchasable near the end-game in more mystical locations. This change in scarcity is likely to reflect the substantial stat limit boosts characters have experienced since VI.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In the original version of the game, sipping the scintillating water will restore 10~15MP. In all other versions, it restores 30~35MP and can be used on allies. They may be found in:

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The water restores 10~15MP in all versions, and can be found in:

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

When used in battle the water will restore the typical 10~15MP, but while on the move it will restore 40~50MP. The locations where one can find the fantastic fluids are:

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Similar to IV, the flasks will restore 10~15 in the original and 40~50 in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Magic water has received a small boost to its potency, restoring 30~35MP. However, the elixir is much more useful as an alchemy ingredient.

  • The Maella region
  • Argonia
  • Arcadia
  • Orkutsk
  • The pirate's cove
  • Tryan Gully
  • The black citadel
  • Pickham's casino

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Magic water can be bought for 500 gold in Porth Llaffan, Slurry Quay and Batsureg and sold for 250 gold. They can also be found on the Cringle Coast or made using the alchemy recipe of 1 Holy water, 1 Royal soil, and 1 Nectar.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Magic water appears as stage powerups and can be dropped by various monsters or found in pots or barrels. They restore around 30 MP when picked up to whichever character the player is controlling. Since magic water does not carry over between levels, it should be used as needed.


The image resembling a Star of David on the bottle's stopper that was present in early concept art was removed in concept art for later games.