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Sorceria (known as Calverona in the original Japanese version) is a town found in the Upper World in Dragon Quest VI. Sorceria can only be visited after defeating Gracos at the Seabed Shrine. It is Ashlynn's hometown and where she can learn Magic Burst. The Plush rug obtained in the Style House can be turned into a Flying Carpet here.


Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Dream blade 6,300 Attack +65/Style +28
Staff of antimagic 6,000 Attack +40/Style +18
Lunar fan 5,500 Attack +60/Style +30
Wizardly whip 13,000 Attack +97/Style +45
Zombiesbane 18,000 Attack +80/Style +5
Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Legerdemantle 4,200 Defense +30/Style +10
Magical skirt 6,700 Defense +45/Style +35
Magic armour 7,500 Defense +21/Style +12
Magic shield 5,000 Defense +20/Style +21
Village Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8
Chimaera wing 25
Steel fangs 2,000 Attack +50/Style +38
Iron mask 3,500 Defense +25/Style -10


The town's inn charges no money. In addition, HP and MP can be restored respectively through the Orb of Healing & Orb of Energy.

Other treasures[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]


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