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The Flying Carpet (alternatively Magic Carpet) is a recurring item and mode of transportation in the Dragon Quest series. Using it, the hero's party can travel over land and sea shoals, but not over mountains or through forests. The carpet is used as an item to in order to ride it (unlike the ship).

In Dragon Quest V, it is located in Lofty Peak.

In Dragon Quest VI, it is located in the Lower World found as a prize in the third rank of the Best-Dressed Contest as a regular carpet. When enchanted in Sorceria, it turns into the Flying Carpet

In Dragon Quest VII, it's given to The Party in La Bravoure after the Mermaid Moon is obtained.


The Flying Carpet is able to fly over land, swamps, deserts, and bodies of water. No random enemy encounters occur while riding the magic carpet. Since it can fly over the rocky shoals, the carpet is necessary to reach both the Stairway to Zenithia and the Neverglade.


The Flying Carpet is not able to traverse mountains or forests on the world map. This can be cumbersome around forested areas.


  • A magic carpet that soars through the air. In theory, anyway... (Description when selecting the supposed Magic Carpet in Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII.)
  • A magic carpet that soars through the air, opening new horizons (Description when selecting the Magic Carpet in Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII.)