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The three initial party members. From left to right: Hero, Maribel and Kiefer

The Party of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past consists of 6 people who through the use of special Fragments seek to save their world while eventually taking on the Demon Lord Orgodemir.

This was also the first Party that plays could be made to talk amongst themselves through Party Chat debuting in VII, though being added to remakes of IV, V and VI


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]


[The occupation title is listed in parentheses after the character's name. [For Monster Companions, the occupation title is the species.]

  • The Hero (Fisherman's son) (主人公〔漁師の息子〕): A boy living in the fishing village of Pilchard Bay, on the island of Estard. Son of Pollock the fisherman and Pearl. Unlike most people, he is able to read the writing on the crest of the Water Spirit which is tattooed on his arm. In the official illustrations, he has a small lizard sitting on his hand. Akira Toriyama has stated that the lizard is a symbol of his kindness; in the game this scene appears only briefly during the opening movie. The hero's stats grow in a balanced fashion, but he has high Strength and Attack, and learns several healing spells. In the manga and screenshots, the hero's default name is Arus (アルス). In promotional material for the 3DS localization, he is given the name Auster.
  • Maribel Mayde (Daughter of the Mayor) (マリベル 〔網元の娘〕): A childhood friend of the hero, she is the daughter of Mayde, the Mayor of Pilchard Bay. She is curious and self-absorbed, so she sneaks into her father's boat. She also insists on accompanying the hero and Kiefer to the ruins. While she has a fiery personality, she eventually is disturbed by the terrible things that happen in the party's presence. She leaves the party when her father grows ill, although she rejoins after the island is sealed in Disc 2. Her Agility and MP are high, but her HP and Attack are low. She can use whips and wands rather than bladed weapons, but learns several offensive spells early in the game.
  • Kiefer (Prince of Estard) (キーファ・グラン 〔城の王子〕): He is the hero's best friend. He is adventurous and suggests to the hero that they should explore the ruins (without telling his father King Donald). He is curious about the mysterious stone carvings they find there. After journeying through many different islands, he eventually falls in love with the Roamer dancer Lala, and decides to leave the party to live with her in the past. He can equip many types of weapons and armor, and has high HP and Attack, but he has no MP and cannot cast spells.
  • Ruff (Wolf boy) (ガボ 〔オオカミ少年〕): A white wolf transformed into a human by the magic of Hackrobat. He joins the party after the Hackrobat is defeated. He hopes that Hackrobat can restore his wolf form in the present world, but the spell fails, and he gains only the ability to speak human language. He has a strong sense of compassion and justice, and makes many optimistic comments. He is presented as a male version of San from Princess Mononoke. He has low MP, but his other stats are high. He has a unique technique to summon other wolves to aid him in battle. He cannot effectively use most forms of weaponry, since they are too large for him (he is still the size of a wolf cub), but he still has access to claws and boomerangs. Most bladed weapons will actually reduce his Attack.
  • Sir Mervyn (Legendary Hero) (メルビン 〔伝説の英雄〕): He is an ancient Legendary Hero, in the service of The Almighty. During the battle between The Almighty and the Demon King, he was turned to stone by The Almighty, as a precaution. Several hundred years later, the stone was named the Sizzling Stone by Pike. He joins the party after being revived by the Hero, in order to enact vengeance against the Demon King. After the defeat of Orgodemir in the past, and the apparent revival of the Almighty, he works at the Cathedral of Light, but is banished by "The Almighty", and flees to the Beacon, where he seeks the hero's help to unseal Estard and the Spirits. He is presented as being old-fashioned, although he is open with the hero, and is presented as liking young women. His abilities are well-balanced between HP, MP, and Attack; but his Agility is the lowest of the party members.
  • Aishe (Roamer dancer) (アイラ 〔ユバールの踊り手〕) : She is a dancer and warrior of the Roamers, a tribe of nomads. (They were called Yubara in the original Japanese.) She joins the party to search for a musician worthy of playing the legendary Torban of Truth. It is implied that she is a descendant from Lala and Kiefer. She has a fiery personality much like her ancestor and has a strong desire to adventure. She decides to join the Guard of the royal family of Estard, seeing them as the family she always wanted. Her abilities are balanced similarly to the protagonist's; she has high Attack and Defence and she is capable of equipping many heavy weapons and armor. When she joins the party, she has mastered the Dancer, and reached rank three as a Warrior. (However, she seems to have forgotten her transfer skills from the Dancer class.)