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The Cathedral of Light (formerly Crystal Palace) is a church located on an island to the northwest of Estard Island. It is an immense and impressive building constructed to serve as the home of the Almighty.


The Cathedral of Light was constructed in the months following the party's defeat of the Demon King. It united artisans and craftsmen from all over the world in order to build an abode worthy of the Almighty. Likewise, clergymen from all across the world who were considered worthy were called to serve the Emissaries of the Almighty. After the Cathedral's completion, an Emissary arrives at Estard Castle in order to invite King Donald for an audience from the Almighty Himself. King Donald asks the Hero, Aishe, and Ruff to accompany him to the Cathedral of Light, using the Skystone to get there. When they arrive, the party are reunited with Sir Mervyn, who is serving with the Knights of Light at the Cathedral, but he is called off to deal with an unsavory intruder. The Emissaries of the Almighty have invited leaders from all over the world in order to receive the Almighty's message. He declares that they all cast down their weapons, since peace has been achieved and there is no more need for conflict.

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