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World Map

This is a list of locations in Dragon Quest VII.



  • Pilchard Bay (フィッシュベル): A fishing village on the southern coast of Estard, the island at the center of the world. It contains the houses of Maribel and the hero, and is the starting point of the game. Once a year, it holds "Pilchard's Fishing Festival" (アミット漁).
  • Grand Estard (グランエスタード): A castle town on the west coast of Estard Island. It is ruled by King Burns. There is a house of a wise old man through a tunnel.
  • Shrine of Mysteries: A ruined temple near the center of the island of Estard. The Water Spirit sleeps here, and there is an underground passageway to Rainbow Bay. Underneath the temple are rows of red, green, and blue pedestals. There are also four Teleportals connecting to the resting places of the four spirits.


  • Ballymolloy (ウッドパルナ) [Uddoparuna]: A village just to the north of Estard island. In the past, it was saved by the hero Molloy (パルナ) [Paruna], but the monsters took the woman of the village hostage, and ordered the villagers to let the place fall apart. Afterwards the "Hanlon Towers" (ハンクの塔) are built on the site.


  • Emberdale (エンゴウ): A town at the foot of a volcano on the northern continent. The fortune teller Pamela lives here, and it celebrates a traditional "Fire God Festival" (ほむら祭り). The Fire Spirit sleeps in the volcano.


  • Regenstein (ダイアラック): A small island town destroyed by "gray rain". Only the central pillar of the town remains, and it is chosen as the site of the The Haven.


  • L'Arca (オルフィー): A town on the western continent. In the past, Hackrobat's curse has switched the humans and animals of the town. In the present, there is a legend that Hackrobat was defeated by a white wolf, so the villagers hold a thanksgiving festival in which they dress as animals. Bulgio has a mansion north of town.


  • Castle Faraday (フォロッド城): A castle on the southeastern continent. It is beseiged by robotic soldiers. In the present, it engages into research into robotics.
  • Frobisher (フォーリッシュ): A town to the east of Castle Faraday. It has been built into a fortress, to defend against the robotic soldiers.
  • Divine Shrine (天空の神殿): A temple which floats in the sky. There are four shrines at the four compass points, but two of them have fallen to the ground. There is a pedestal for the Fragments to the Holy Lake.

Greenthumb Gardens[edit]

  • Greenthumb Gardens (グリンフレーク) [Greenflake]: A garden town on the northern continent. On the party's first visit, there is no church; it is built 30 years later. But after Mentare becomes prosperous, it becomes disused.
  • Wilted Heart (メモリアリーフ) [Memoryleaf]: A garden east of Greenthumb Gardens, planted by Carraway. A nearby mountain path leads to the monastery of Regrette-Rien Convent.

Roamers Camp[edit]

  • Roamer Encampment (ユバール族の休息地): A temporary encampment of the Roamers [Yubaru] tribe, on the western continent. It disappears from the Past after a certain period of time. To the west of the encampment is the Poolside Cave (神の祭壇の湖) dedicated to the Almighty]].

Alltrades Abbey[edit]

  • Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest VII) (ダーマ神殿): On the southern continent. It is occupied by the minions of the devil Cardinal Sin.
  • Pilgrim's Perdition (ふきだまりの町): A town south of Alltrades Abbey. The people who have been tricked by Cardinal Sin and have lost their powers live here. The town is controlled by Strom. After the recapture of Alltrades Abbey, the town has fallen into ruin.

La Bravoure[edit]

  • La Bravoure (メザレ): A small island southeast of the town. The descendents of God's soldiers live here.


  • Temple Palace (砂漠の城) [Desert castle]: A castle in the desert region on the eastern continent. While the castle is ruled by Queen Fertiti, it is occupied by monsters. In the Present it is ruled by Queen Neferta.
  • Al-Balad (砂漠の村) [Desert village]: The village where the desert people live, it is southeast of the castle. There is a huge pot in the center of town. In the Present, the town has been buried by sandstorms.
  • The Likeness (大地の精霊像): A huge Sphinx dedicated to the Earth Spirit. The servants of the devil Setesh the Punisher have remade it into the "Image of the Devil". After Setesh is defeated, the people of Al-Balad rebuild it in its proper form.


  • Gröndal (クレージュ): A village near the sacred World Tree northeast of the desert country. The village well has been laced with poison. Later development of the town sees an increasing number of wells and waterways, and the home and shop of Bulgio.

El Ciclo[edit]

  • El Ciclo (リートルード): A town south of Greenthumb Gardens. It contains a famous Clock Tower built by the architect Pomposo. The same day occurs repeatedly here. In the Present, it is home to Bulgio, a church, and the Excellence Grading Organisation.


  • Wetlock (ハーメリア): A town on the eastern continent. It was flooded by Gracos. Professor Wade (originally Azmov the scholar) lives here in the Present. In the past, there are also villages of Hardlypool and Spilton-on-Sea nearby, but they no longer exist in the Present.


  • Providence (プロビナ): A village at the foot of a mountain on the western continent. There is a cave leading to the top of the mountain, where there is a church containing a golden goddess statue.


  • Nottagen (ルーメン): A town on an island north of Emberdale. The town was attacked by the plant demon Malign vine, and taken over by its minions. The heroes try to save the town three times, and its destiny changes according to the choice they make.


  • Hubble (マーディラス) [Madiras]: A magical land in the northwest corner of the world. By enlarging its army, it defeated and absorbed the neighboring country of Rucker (ラグラーズ) in a war. Afterwards it became a country of music. Hubble contains a large temple, where a Torban concert is held.

Aeolus Vale[edit]

  • Aeolus Vale (聖風の谷) [Holy Valley of the Wind] (Gorges): In the southwestern corner of the world, this village is the home of the Rihua tribe (リファ族), a race of winged people. It is built on both sides of the river bluff, and connected by a suspension bridge. In the Present, the Rihua have lost their wings, but a few who have retained the wings live in the sky far above the village. The temple of the Spirit of Wind lies to the north of the town.


  • Vogograd (レブレサック): A forest village north of the Temple Palace. In the Past, one of the priests here is actually a demon in disguise. In the Present, the town records a false history of what happened.


  • Buccanham (コスタール): A kingdom on the southern continent. It has a close relationship with the pirates of the Sea Dragon. Relations with a tribe of Hobbits living in the cave to the east have deteriorated, but they are reconciled later, and in the Present the castle has been moved into the caves. The original castle was converted into a casino.

The Cathedral[edit]

Map of the Worlds' restoration[edit]

Images from the Sony PlayStation Version of Dragon Quest VII
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