Excavated Cave

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The Excavated Cave (known simply as the Dig Site - Underground in the Nintendo 3DS version) is a dungeon located underneath the Dig Site in Dragon Quest VII.


After the party has been joined by a member of the present day Roamers, a cave is discovered at the Dig Site.[1]

As the party later has unsealed all of the islands and acquired the Skystone from the Divine Shrine, monsters suddenly appear within the cavern. King Donald receives reports that monsters appeared suddenly and began killing people there. He sends the party to investigate and take care of the threat. The party finds multiple corpses of the dig site workers and archaeologists as they venture deep into the cavern, as well as monsters. Eventually they come across a mysterious pedestal like the ones found in the Shrine of Mysteries, surrounded by a pool of lava. Using their Mysterious Fragments, the party is sent into the past to the Malign Shrine, the lair of the Demon King himself.




  1. The cave isn't present when the Roamers appear at the camp, but is present after Aishe joins the party.