The Tower

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(For the chapter in Dragon Quest Swords entitled The Tower, see Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 5.)

The Tower (formerly Eastern Tower) is a dungeon located east of Ballymolloy in Dragon Quest VII.


The tower to the east is the base of the monster responsible for the curse on Ballymolloy. Hanlon, the only warrior remaining, was gravely injuring trying to rescue the women of the village. The party journeys into the Rainbow Mines in order to find a Green Gem necessary for healing Hanlon's injuries. The next day, Hanlon accompanies the party to the tower in order to defeat the evil plaguing Ballymolloy. With their combined strength, they are able to defeat the Golem who served as the tower's guardian and venture inside.

On the final floor, they face off against the Crabble-rouser, but after defeating it in combat, they are shocked to discover that the monsters' leader is none other than Maeve, who delivers the final blow herself. The female warrior explains that an evil voice transformed her into a monster, fueled by her grief at her brother Molloy's death and resentment towards the villagers who were unable to help him. She explains that she brought Hanlon back to the village after he was injured, taking pity on his son Patrick, who reminded her of herself at that age. Maeve also reveals that the only way to lift the curse from the town and allow the women to return is by defeating her. She gives the party the choice to defeat her or protect her from Hanlon. In either case, she ends up dying, and the darkness is eradicated from Ballymolloy. The tower no longer exists in the present.

Other treasures[edit]