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#115 - Crabble-rouser
Clawser DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
140 0 81 45
Attack Defense Speed
105 115 65
Dropped Item Sizeable Scissors (1/256)
Locations Coastal
Skills Cop Out
Call For Help (same species)
Family Aquatics
Capture Rate 132
Bestiary # 115
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
Romanized Jap. Chokkinger

Clawser (Boss)
Clawser DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
310 50 80 90
Attack Defense Speed
Dropped Item DEFSeed
Locations Rexwood
Skills Parry
Spells Blaze
Family Aquatics
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Curiously big clawed bruiser crustaceans that keep their best and biggest claw forward in battle, brushing aside attacks with a powerful parry. Oddly armed with fetching blue gloves and boots, it's been said that they wear this distracting attire to detract from their less impressive limbs. Despite their insecurity, their devilish red eyes give away that they're much smarter than the average crab, with the strongest of their kind able to fling fiery spells and even cast Heal to mend their cracked shell.

The Crabble-rouser (formerly Clawser) is both a regular enemy and a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII.

Regular Clawser[edit]

The regular Clawser can be found in the Coastal region in the past and the Great Lighthouse in the past.


The party encounters Clawser in the Rexwood Tower. He is minding the place while the boss,

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Maeve, is away at the moment. He comments on the cowardice of humans to attack when the boss is gone but is confident that he can take them on his own. They fight and Clawser loses. Then he sees Maeve and identifies her as the boss. He asks her to kill the party, but is killed by Maeve.


Clawser's regular attack will do between 8-15 damage, depending on the character. His Sap spell also does 10-15 damage. He can also use StrongD which makes all attacks that turn do only 1-2 damage.

The party should be properly equipped with the best that Rexwood can offer. Herbs are also essential to defeating him. Maribel should use Sap twice on the monster to eliminate its defense. She should act as healer as her attack power is low. Kiefer should use FireSlash in lieu of his regular attack, stopping only if the party desperately needs healing. The Hero should attack as well and use Upper on Maribel, stopping only if the party gets low on HP. Hank will also fight and do the most damage to the enemy. He will occasionally heal your party and use Sap on the enemy but don't rely on it.

Related Enemies[edit]

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