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A Merking, one of the more emblematic aquatic monsters

The Aquatic family (Japanese Kanji: 水 Hiragana: みず Romanji: Mizu) is a category of monsters Dragon Quest series that are based on water-dwelling animals, or are water-related. Due to lack of a significant number of members in some titles, the marine meanies are split among the other families or are put entirely into the nature family.

It should be noted that, while aquatic monsters are usually encountered when on board a ship, they are not completely restricted to bodies of water--several species will attempt to make a meal of travelers on dry land.

Usual Item drops[edit]

Effective Skills and Weapons[edit]

As of IX, all fans deal an additional 10% damaged to beasts from the deep. Furthermore, the Trident, Gracos' trident, Watermaul wand, and Tsunami staff deal an 20% extra damage. The Water Slaughterer skill will deal 50% bonus damage to any aquatic.


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