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The salamarauder is a monster from Dragon Quest IX. It is a stronger, pale variant of the wooper trooper.


Like wooper troopers, salamarauders are small, warrior-esque monsters based off the axolotl, their paler complexion making them more reminiscent of the real-life animal.

They can dodge attacks and redirect them in much the same way as their blue brethren, and can also breathe cool breath and block attacks with their shield.

Salamarauders are also involved in one of the game's many quests, specifically #062, Brian's Dyin' Wish.

#060 - Salamarauder
HP MP Experience Gold
80 8 171 74
Attack Defense Speed
75 67 70
Dropped Item Emerald moss (common, 1/16)
Iron shield (rare, 1/64)
Locations Tywll Cave
Slurry Coast
Skills Cool Breath
Back Atcha
Family Aquatic
Bestiary # 060
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description These piratical pests freeze foes with their breath, and evade attacks while summoning support.
They're woopers troopers who set sail on a new career after a medalsome king told them that now is the new dawn of piracy.

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